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Game Developers Conference 2006

by Carol T Chung
on 27 March 2006

Hello! Some of you may remember last year's coverage of Game Developers Conference, rather than report on many different sessions and topics, I'd prefer to mention a couple of very special products as well as common themes.

Loco Roco:
The upcoming PSP title, Loco Roco, has got to be one of the cutest characters out there. Imagine what it would be like if Pacman, Kirby, and Gish had a three way baby—something like Loco Roco is what would pop out. Although it may look like a flash game, it certainly is not. The music is delightful and quite simply put, just plain fun. This wonderful title is slated for release sometime this summer.

Train Your Brain, Brain Age is supposed to exercise your brain by having you perform various math and logic problems as well as reading. It also contains plenty of Sudoku games as well. Currently I have a 36 year old brain.

Nintendo DS Lite:
I got to play with one of these on the expo floor at Nintendo's booth. Not much I can say about this other than 'yay, for Apple'. Just released earlier this month in Japan, there's no denying the DS Lite is super hot, but I'm holding out for the Ice Blue model 'cause I'm just a sucker for things that are blue.

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