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Best Made Co. Gfeller Document Case

A sturdy, handmade folio from Idaho's storied case-maker

by CH Contributor in Travel on 02 September 2014

Best Made Co, Handmade, Leather, Leather Bags, NYC, Outdoors, Totes, Made in USA

by Chantel Tattoli

BM-Gfeller-Case-1.jpg BM-Gfeller-Case-2.jpg

For years now, New York’s Best Made Company has been a go-to for hardy, purpose-built apparel, accessories and tools associated with living a considered life in and out of the city. Their recent cast iron initiative offered re-conditioned pans as a compliment to the brand's in-house product line, which shows no signs of slowing. The latest product garnering attention is the hard-wearing Gfeller Document Case. It's been designed by Best Made and manufactured by Idaho-based Gfeller Casemakers, an operation with a storied reputation for specializing in “profoundly functional leather goods” for adventurous professionals.

The Gfeller case is ideal for carrying envelopes, papers, notebooks, passports, an iPad (even a 13" MacBook Air) and will patina over time to a mature and much-loved attaché. Made of American russet leather, it is hand-stitched with glazed cord spun in the USA from Egyptian Giza cotton (considered the world’s best) and buttoned with Best Made’s signature brass snap. To guard against fraying, the edges are burnished and the body is buffed with a wax-based protective sealant to repel dirt and deflect scuffs.

Gfeller supplied products to Apollo Mission astronauts, who were tasked with (among other things) collecting rocks from the lunar surface. Whether training for space or schlepping papers from the office, the Gfeller Document Case is a solid option. Find it for pre-order from Best Made Co. for $325, with delivery scheduled for November 2014.

Images courtesy of Best Made Co.

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Minimalist Lingerie by Portland's REIF

Comfort, functionality and a subtle, sexy twist establish the AW '14 basics collection

by Nara Shin in Style on 02 September 2014

Basics, Independent Designers, Intimates, Lingerie, Portland, Womenswear, Bralettes

REIF-1.jpg REIF-2.jpg

Amongst a sea of over-embellished, neon-colored intimates that clog retail spaces everywhere, Portland-based REIF's new minimalist lingerie is a big gulp of fresh air. The latest AW '14 "basiks" collection introduces contemporary pieces that are seductive without being flashy and, most importantly, are meant to be utilitarian and comfortable in movement—as the lookbook demonstrates. Designed by self-taught Lindsay Reif (who first become known in local circles for her versatile turbans and headbands) continues this functional yet edgy aesthetic through the rest of the collection, from two-toned lounge pants that fit looser in the hip to an oversized tee with geometric cut-outs. While the entire REIFbasik collection is worth a look, the lingerie bodysuit, bralette and briefs are unquestionably highlights.

All pieces are made in limited quantities and are produced in the USA. REIF's Apex briefs retails for $75, while the bralette is $81 and bodysuit is $141. Each is available from the REIF online shop.

Images courtesy of REIF

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Present&Correct’s Star Cards

Gaze into space from the comfort of your bedroom with these detailed celestial prints

by Cajsa Carlson in Design on 02 September 2014

Design, Design Shops, Home Decor, Posters, Prints, Space, Stars

StarCard-01.jpg StarCard-02.jpg

To sleep under a starry night sky is a tricky dream to fulfill for most who live in cities, though London stationery and design store Present&Correct offers a delightful alternative that’s much more tempting than sticking glow-in-the-dark stars on your ceiling. Simple but intriguing, the company’s Star Cards feature intricate diagrams of the stars at night, neatly aligned in white-on-black print.

The charts come in a rectangular or square shape, and show zodiac signs as well as familiar constellations like everyone's favorite, The Big Dipper. Poetic yet informative, the graphic charts underline how sometimes the best design is made by Mother Nature. Find the Star Cards from Present&Correct for £19, with free international shipping.

Images courtesy of Present&Correct

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