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Homemade Pies from Jam Jar Bakery

Binge-worthy bites baked in single-serving jars, ready to eat

by David Graver in Food + Drink on 28 July 2014

Mason Jars, Long Island City, Jars, Baked Goods, Pies, Sweets, Treats


Baking pies right in mason jars isn't a new concept, but you'd be hard pressed to find those as well as executed (both inside and out) as the offerings from NYC's Jam Jar Bakery. Created by Abby Lavin—an alum of the French Culinary Institute (as well as famed restaurant Colicchio & Sons and perennial baked goods favorite Magnolia Cupcakes)—the rich, all-natural pies are simply delicious and delightful. Each single serving dessert comes complete with a spoon and a touch of magic. Lavin devises new flavors each season and this summer's six all wow with gourmet mastery and full flavors.


"I bake them all in the jar. They go right into the oven like a little casserole," Lavin shares with CH. "I even print all my labels at home. They're also customizable, so I do events and catering and can print specific details, from dates to logos." And while pies in jars have been around for decades, there's something chic about these binge-worthy bites. "I've modernized it," Lavin concludes. "It's a classic offering with a twist."

Additionally, "We deliver all over," says Lavin. "Except for The Flea Nut, which is available only at the LIC Flea. That's a fudgey brownie base with a peanut butter topping. The Hot Fudge Toffee Crunch is our number one seller," she continues. "That's a fudgey brownie base with toffee and heath bar crunch on top." Both are wondrous, as is the Apple Pie offering, which lands that traditional Americana feel with sizable apple slices and a perfectly textured crumble. Regardless of which option especially tickles your fancy, each will surely meet the needs of the sweet-toothed out there.

Purchase Jam Jar Bakery's pies online for $6 each, or visit them at the LIC Flea at 5-25 46th Ave, Long Island City, New York from 10AM-6PM on Saturdays.

Lead image by David Graver, second image courtesy of Jam Jar Bakery

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Qudos by Knog: A Prim and Powerful GoPro Light

Open up a new world of possibilities for nighttime shooting

by Hans Aschim in Tech on 28 July 2014

Australia, Camera Gear, GoPro, Knog, Lights, Outdoor Tech


GoPros have changed the way people shoot and share footage. Whether you're strapping yourself up with weatherproof HD cameras for a powder day, looking for a new angle on a shoot, or just messing around with friends, the applications for the ubiquitous cams are near-limitless—that is, until darkness falls. For all the features packed into the cameras, a light isn't one of them. Luckily the bike light and accessory designers at Melbourne, Australia-based Knog created the Qudos, a sleek high-powered light with multiple settings that cranks out a whopping 400-lumens. Weighing just 150 grams, the Qudos is designed to follow the contours of the camera with durability to match. Three settings allow for tailored intensity and angle of the beam, including a spotlight mode, ambient soft lighting and wide-angle medium intensity setting optimal for shooting sports.

The first of its kind to offer this level of intensity in a compact design, the Qudos light will be available in black or white starting at $120 AUD. For more information visit Knog online.

Image courtesy of Knog

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Aimé Leon Dore + Frank Clegg Travel Pack

A handsome minimalist backpack made of crisp, natural canvas and tumbled leather

by Graham Hiemstra in Travel on 28 July 2014

American-made Bags, Backpacks, Bags, Leather, Luggage, Menswear, NYC, Style, Travel

aime-leon-dore-collab-bag.jpg aime-leon-dore-travel-bag-2.jpg

July has been a solid month for NYC-based menswear label Aimé Leon Dore. Early on, the brand released their sophomore collection to great admiration, and just this past week they followed up with a two-part collaboration bag collection with American bag-maker Frank Clegg. Of the pair—which includes a backpack and tote—the clean and cold Travel Pack is the most eye-catching and engaging. Made by hand with sturdy 22oz natural canvas and tumbled, vegetable-tanned leather, the basic bag is a thing of beauty and function. Inside features include MacBook and iPad Mini sleeves, and leather pen pouches.

The attractive American-made Travel Pack is now available from Aimé Leon Dore online for $370. Visit their sparsely populated site to view recent collections of minimalist menswear.

Images courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore

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