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Glitch Wizard Photo Editing App

Turn crisp images into dynamic, noise-ridden pieces of art

by Josh Rubin in Tech on 02 September 2014

Art, Glitch Art, Photo Apps, Technology, iOS apps, iPhone

Glitch Wizard Gif (1).gif Glitch Wizard Gif.gif

There's just something so appealing about glitch art in our world of ever-improving technology. While in the years past we've been intrigued with image-altering apps such as Decim8 and DScan, we're currently nerding out on Glitch Wizard. The simple iOS app lets users turn ordinary images (taken inside the app or imported) into noise-heavy images ripe with rainbows and extreme pixelation of the likes one might find on a corrupt SD card. Output from the app comes in both static JPEG and dynamic GIF versions, with the option of sharing internally for all Glitch Wizard users and of course across all your favorite social media platforms. We recently took time to play with the app while visiting the Sol LeWitt permanent installation at MASS MoCA, and found it to be well worth its 99c price tag—though we have to admit a few unfortunate (ironic even?) glitches make the user experience slightly rough at times.

Visit Glitch Wizard online to watch a hilarious instructional video and iTunes to down the iOS app for just under a dollar.

Via Creative Applications. Images by Josh Rubin

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Retro Longboard from Modern Surfboards

Paddling out with the classically styled noserider, fit for beginners and those looking to improve their long-riding skills

by Hans Aschim in Design on 02 September 2014

Gear, Longboards, Outdoors, Single Fin, Surfboards, Surfing, Test Ride


Surfing is an aesthetically focused pursuit. Whether it's the fluidity of a bottom-turn, the seemingly effortless arc of a well-executed cutback or simply the length of one's boardshorts, surfers have always been a style-centric bunch. After all, it's not just about riding a wave, it's about doing it with a sense of individuality and, for the lucky ones, grace. Recent years have seen a shift from the leaders of the sport riding largely performance shortboards to a wider range of shapes and lengths. This change has brought about a resurgence in the popularity of longboarding and a crop of boards combining leading board technology with design elements from the past. We took to NYC's local break at Rockaway Beach to put Modern Surfboards' noserider model the Retro to the test.


"The whole idea behind the Modern brand is to help surfers get to the next level in a fun way," says GSI product manager and designer Corey Davis. "The Retro was designed to make noseriding easy." Calling noseriding easy might be a bit presumptuous for those paddling into the lineup on a longboard for the first time. Requiring management of speed, board position and balance—all while working to stay in the sweet spot, or pocket, of the wave—noseriding doesn't come quick or easy. However, after paddling into a few waves on the 9'1'' long Retro (which also comes in 9'6'' and 10'0'' lengths) it's clearly built for quick maneuvering and getting your toes on the nose.

One of the key design elements on the Retro is the V-shaped hull on the bottom of the front third of the board that is accompanied by a gradual concave. "The concave to belly V lets us do two things easily. First, we don’t have to be all the way back on the tail to make a directional change which is nice when you're learning to nose ride, and the concave provides exceptional lift when you start to make your fist steps to the nose," says Davis. On the first few waves, the ability to navigate such a large board with ease took a bit of getting used to. However after adjusting to throwing the board into quick turns, it's easy to find the pocket and start stepping toward the nose. A wide and stable deck from the tip to the tail makes a sturdy platform for advanced surfers to push their longboarding to the next level and a forgiving ride for beginners.


Overall, the Retro is a versatile longboard for advanced surfers and beginners alike. Perfect for smaller surf, the board paddles with ease and gets into waves early for a relaxed ride. Getting onto the nose will take practice, but the zen-like state it offers is worth taking a few waves on the head for. The board's large fin box allows for experimentation with both positioning and the fin shape itself. We threw in a 10.5'' Pin Fin from Almond Surfboards for quick pivots and good hold in the pocket.

Available in red and seafoam green from Global Surf Industries, the Retro starts at $725 with free shipping in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Images by Hans Aschim

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Best Made Co. Gfeller Document Case

A sturdy, handmade folio from Idaho's storied case-maker

by CH Contributor in Travel on 02 September 2014

Best Made Co, Handmade, Leather, Leather Bags, NYC, Outdoors, Totes, Made in USA

by Chantel Tattoli

BM-Gfeller-Case-1.jpg BM-Gfeller-Case-2.jpg

For years now, New York’s Best Made Company has been a go-to for hardy, purpose-built apparel, accessories and tools associated with living a considered life in and out of the city. Their recent cast iron initiative offered re-conditioned pans as a compliment to the brand's in-house product line, which shows no signs of slowing. The latest product garnering attention is the hard-wearing Gfeller Document Case. It's been designed by Best Made and manufactured by Idaho-based Gfeller Casemakers, an operation with a storied reputation for specializing in “profoundly functional leather goods” for adventurous professionals.

The Gfeller case is ideal for carrying envelopes, papers, notebooks, passports, an iPad (even a 13" MacBook Air) and will patina over time to a mature and much-loved attaché. Made of American russet leather, it is hand-stitched with glazed cord spun in the USA from Egyptian Giza cotton (considered the world’s best) and buttoned with Best Made’s signature brass snap. To guard against fraying, the edges are burnished and the body is buffed with a wax-based protective sealant to repel dirt and deflect scuffs.

Gfeller supplied products to Apollo Mission astronauts, who were tasked with (among other things) collecting rocks from the lunar surface. Whether training for space or schlepping papers from the office, the Gfeller Document Case is a solid option. Find it for pre-order from Best Made Co. for $325, with delivery scheduled for November 2014.

Images courtesy of Best Made Co.

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