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ØDD.Lights Interactive CCTV Installation

The NYC retail space uses motion sensors and LED strips for a mesmerizing night show after business hours

by David Graver in Design on 30 October 2014

Brick and Mortar, Judson Harmon, LES, Light Art, Light Design, NYC, Retail Spaces, ØDD

Fashion label ØDD recognizes the close-knit connectivity between art and style. This awareness infuses founder and designer Judson Harmon's signature line, as well as the other labels he houses within his Lower East Side storefront. His highly visual pieces, all produced in LA, carry drama and chaos and a unique brand of beauty. Taking it one step further, Harmon has partnered with digital design agency ANTARCTIC and artist and interactive designer Jonathan Chomko to create a striking arrangement of motion-responsive lights triggered by passers-by after business hours.


The installation, dubbed "ØDD.Lights," engages with individuals passing along the Ludlow Street location. A live street view—captured through existing CCTVs—is processed through proprietary, custom software. Both the location of the outside visitor and their intensity of movement translates to the action of the low-profile LED lights within, all through a multi-Arduino hook up. The ØDD team wanted to embed a long-standing interactive public artwork into the store environment that would be available to everyone on the street, and this was the result. The hypnotic, thoughtful piece offers a commentary on the proliferation of surveillance in society today, while managing to be both brand affirming and a nice after hours touch as well.

The ØDD.Lights display is on view at 164 Ludlow Street in NYC, where the installation will run throughout the winter, beginning at 8PM each night.

Video and images courtesy of ØDD

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Cool Hunting Video: The Sidecar Bar Cart

Famed bartender Jim Meehan introduces his interpretation of the best bar cart ever

by Cool Hunting Video in Food + Drink on 30 October 2014

Wooden Furniture, Video, PDT, Leather, Jim Meehan, Design, Cocktails, CHV, Bartending, Bar Cart

For his latest collaboration with Moore and Giles, expert bartender Jim Meehan—of PDT fame—decided to take a stab at creating the ultimate bar cart. Going above and beyond, Meehan focused on creating a super-durable and highly functional cart that would also serve as an elegant piece of furniture. The cart has been aptly named The Sidecar. Featuring a stainless steel frame and Virginia black walnut and birch wood finishes, the cart is eye-catching and can stand up to the abuse that comes with slinging cocktails. Meehan brought the stunning cart by the CH office for an exclusive first look.

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TDK's Water-Resistant Trek 360 Speaker

The compact wireless speaker, in a cube shape, delivers sound from five sides

by Hans Aschim in Tech on 30 October 2014

Audio, Bluetooth Speakers, Sound, Speakers, TDK, Water Resistant, Wireless Speakers, Car Camping, Outdoor Tech


The market for wireless speakers has reached near-saturation point with just about every electronics company throwing their hat into the ring. In this sea of gimmicky, tinny sounding gadgets, a few makers—mostly audio specialists and companies dedicated to the category—stand out. Offering a sound solution for those who aren't afraid to get wet and a little dirty, but certainly aren't willing to sacrifice sound quality, TDK offers the sturdy and capable Trek 360, which connects via Bluetooth. Four powerful internal speakers and a subwoofer are packed into the very portable and compact cube. The sound is equally projected from five of the speaker's sides, creating a 360-degree (hence the name) listening experience with rich quality.

Better yet, the Trek 360 provides full sound in the outdoors where unidirectional speakers fall short. This, coupled with its water-resistant outer, easy carry handle and over six-hour battery life, make it a great choice for car camping. At roughly the size of a six-pack stood on its side, the handsome speaker shows convenience and durability don't have to mean poor audio quality. The Trek 360 from TDK is available for $250.

Image by Cool Hunting

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