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Fashionary + Henrik Vibskov 2015 Weekly Planner

A bold and inspirational way to stay organized next year

by Katie Olsen in Design on 02 October 2014

Fashionary, Henrik Vibskov, Notebooks, Stationery, Collaborations, Organization, Paper, Prints


Fashionary has joined forces with the talented Henrik Vibskov for a 2015 planner that's bright, bold and encompasses the spirited style so many love about the conceptual Danish designer. As Fashionary's first-ever pocket-sized notebook, it also boasts Vibskov's signature "Africa" print—as seen on backpacks, dresses and T-shirts from previous collections. With a great mind behind the design, and such an exciting print to peep every day, it's sure to be a motivating tool for anybody attempting to stay organized.

Laid out as a weekly planner, the notebook is 9cm x 16cm, contains 164 pages and is available online for $24 with free shipping worldwide.

Images courtesy of Fashionary + Henrik Vibskov

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Cool Hunting Video: CH Edition Zambia 2014

We hosted another incredible safari, this time with a stronger focus on the Mfuwe community

by Cool Hunting Video in Travel on 02 October 2014

Africa, Animals, CH Edition, CHV, Mfuwe Lodge, Safari, Video, Zambia

After hosting our first successful Cool Hunting Edition trip to Africa in summer 2012, the CH team was eager to design another trip and revisit Zambia with a new group two years later. Embedded in the wilderness of South Luangwa National Park, our guests enjoyed safari excursions each day and returned to the luxurious accommodations of The Bushcamp Company by night. Similar to our last trip, we has the privilege of visiting some local businesses and residents. And this time around, we spent more time at a local Mfuwe Secondary School reconnecting with students we met previously and getting to know new ones. We're proud to have achieved another incredible experience and we look forward to hosting more CH Edition trips in the near future.

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Panoramic Sound Recording with Boom Boom

A new app for the device allows users to replicate exotic or ambient noise

by CH Contributor in Tech on 02 October 2014

Apps, Audio Recording, Binauric, Boom Boom, iOS apps, Audio Engineering, Portable, Speakers

by Laura Feinstein


There are many ways to spin a good yarn. At this year’s Future of Storytelling Summit (FoST), a yearly meeting of the cross-disciplinary minds spanning tech, design, experiential and innovation, founder Charlie Melcher (of Melcher Media; Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" and last year's JJ Abrams interactive project) described it succinctly: “a great story has the ability to transport and transform.” For the first day of the festival—held on Snug Harbor, Staten Island—the story transported its illustrious guests and speakers, which included Dr. Rosalind Picard, Founder and Director of the Affective Computing Group at MIT Media Lab and Todd Yellin, VP of Product Innovation at Netflix (among many others) through an immersive medley of discussions, performances and virtual reality experiences.


The commencement of FoTS also saw the introduction of Binauric's latest innovation, a unique, easy-to-use, app-driven recording device for their Boom Boom audio speaker that delivers professional-grade panoramic sound straight to smartphones. While there have been similar products in the past, none have been able to duplicate the subtle aural textures the way that Boom Boom has. It allows listeners to replicate exotic, or even mundane, ambient noise from the comforts of home—capable of revolutionizing radio and video journalism, in addition to allowing users to capture far-flung vacations.


Boom Boom is the brainchild of Binauric, a French collective of sound engineers, production wizards and digital technologists. The speaker’s product design, a collaboration with designer Mathieu Lehanneur, was initially unveiled this past April at the Milan Design Fair. However, the revolutionary functions were kept under wraps until yesterday. “We wanted to launch it here [at FoST] because we believe that sound is instrumental to storytelling,” says digital strategist Gregory Pouy, one of the driving technical forces behind Boom Boom. “When we designed Boom Boom we wanted to create a unique experience for people in the digital world. The idea is that you can send an emotion—a moment with your kids, time with your family—anywhere. When you take a video, or a picture, the sound is lost—but that’s such an important aspect of an experience, and we wanted to save it.”


Part of the success of Boom Boom’s product design has been its utilization of multiple recording devices, located within the cube and positioned to mimic the brain and inner ear’s ability to absorb sound. As a result, when you play back taped noise on your headphones it can feel like it’s actually playing inside your cranium. “We all come from professional radio background,” says CMO Pierre-Henri Samion. “We got together because we wanted to bring this one thing we know really well to everyday people. We think sound is very important in people’s lives and wanted to elevate recording quality to the next level. In 2014—it’s not stereo, it’s not mono—it’s immersive sound.”

The app isn’t available to download on iTunes until this November, but be sure to keep an eye on Binauric’s website for further announcements and more info.

Images courtesy of Boom Boom

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