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Minimalist Lingerie by Portland's REIF

Comfort, functionality and a subtle, sexy twist establish the AW '14 basics collection

by Nara Shin in Style on 02 September 2014

Basics, Independent Designers, Intimates, Lingerie, Portland, Womenswear, Bralettes

REIF-1.jpg REIF-2.jpg

Amongst a sea of over-embellished, neon-colored intimates that clog retail spaces everywhere, Portland-based REIF's new minimalist lingerie is a big gulp of fresh air. The latest AW '14 "basiks" collection introduces contemporary pieces that are seductive without being flashy and, most importantly, are meant to be utilitarian and comfortable in movement—as the lookbook demonstrates. Designed by self-taught Lindsay Reif (who first become known in local circles for her versatile turbans and headbands) continues this functional yet edgy aesthetic through the rest of the collection, from two-toned lounge pants that fit looser in the hip to an oversized tee with geometric cut-outs. While the entire REIFbasik collection is worth a look, the lingerie bodysuit, bralette and briefs are unquestionably highlights.

All pieces are made in limited quantities and are produced in the USA. REIF's Apex briefs retails for $75, while the bralette is $81 and bodysuit is $141. Each is available from the REIF online shop.

Images courtesy of REIF

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Present&Correct’s Star Cards

Gaze into space from the comfort of your bedroom with these detailed celestial prints

by Cajsa Carlson in Design on 02 September 2014

Design, Design Shops, Home Decor, Posters, Prints, Space, Stars

StarCard-01.jpg StarCard-02.jpg

To sleep under a starry night sky is a tricky dream to fulfill for most who live in cities, though London stationery and design store Present&Correct offers a delightful alternative that’s much more tempting than sticking glow-in-the-dark stars on your ceiling. Simple but intriguing, the company’s Star Cards feature intricate diagrams of the stars at night, neatly aligned in white-on-black print.

The charts come in a rectangular or square shape, and show zodiac signs as well as familiar constellations like everyone's favorite, The Big Dipper. Poetic yet informative, the graphic charts underline how sometimes the best design is made by Mother Nature. Find the Star Cards from Present&Correct for £19, with free international shipping.

Images courtesy of Present&Correct

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A quarterly showcasing innovation in illustration and design work on paper

by David Graver in Culture on 02 September 2014

Design Work, Illustration, London, Print Isn't Dead, Print Publications


Bright and beautiful, PRINT ISN’T DEAD is a brand new magazine dedicated to and honoring those who still work on paper. Inside, interviews and features are bolstered by smaller articles, art and a thorough directory. An extension of People of Print—a design site recognizing the same—the print version offers many exclusives and that tangible, nostalgic feeling of flipping pages.


PRINT ISN'T DEAD began as a Kickstarter and hit shelves this month. It's a go-to source for insight on everything from current trends to the traditional methods still underway around the globe. With utmost care, it's been printed by Pureprint Group on Fedrigoni paper, making it a pretty design piece for any shelf. While the world keeps claiming that print is dying out, the team behind PRINT ISN'T DEAD is finding many cases where that's simply not the truth. And they're presenting them to the world—in print, of course.


According to People of Print's founder (and founding editor of PRINT ISN'T DEAD) Marcroy Smith, this project was a direct result of wanting to translate his passion for print into a handheld product. He shares with CH, "First, the [People of Print] website started thanks to my passion for print, and my experiences in the US and Canada with people who have done printing. I wanted to give back, using something easy: the web. I wanted to give others access to the people who inspired me."


With a company based around print, it only made sense to Smith that they'd eventually have a print publication. "We wanted to make a book first. The process is insanely expensive, so we approached Thames & Hudson, who took the book project ahead. And we went through an amazing process." The book is slated for release in April 2015, but the experience motivated Smith to proceed with a magazine, as well—a place where he could demonstrate even further control on the final product. He's accomplished that with PRINT ISN'T DEAD—a work that's both inspirational and informative.

The debut issue of Print Isn't Dead is available online for £10.

Images courtesy of PRINT ISN'T DEAD

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