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CHV: Kawasaki Building The Wheel

Wheels big and small made in house, thousands at a time

by Cool Hunting Video in Design on 23 October 2014

Factory Tour, Industrial Manufacturing, CHV, Factory, Kawasaki, Production, Tires, Video, Wheels, Steel

In our fourth and final piece from our visit with Kawasaki in Lincoln, NE we went to a smaller corner of their enormous plant. While probably the least glamorous of their products, their wheels may be the most practical and abundant. The company brings in raw steel and spits out a finished wheel—the entire process takes place thousands of times a day, and no matter how many times you've seen it, remains mesmerizing.

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Three Blacked-out Boots For Fall

Keeping it simple but never basic with mixed materials in a monochromatic colorway

by Hans Aschim in Style on 23 October 2014

Autumn 2014, Autumn/Winter, Black, Boots, Cole Haan, Danner, Footwear, Leather, Menswear, Viberg, Collaborations, Gore-Tex

With the temperatures dropping and the days getting shorter here in NYC, it's the optimal time to invest in versatile all-weather footwear. Opting for the color that truly does go with everything, we sought out boots in all black that could standup to weather while being dressed up or down. From the lightweight, cushy and tech-infused boot take on Cole Haan's ZeroGrand to Danner's time-tested Mountain Light model with designer styling to the waxed creeper boot from heritage British Columbia boot maker Viberg. Each boot brings craftsmanship and a unique use of materials to the table that—given a bit of TLC—will last for years to come and only improve with age and use.

Viberg + Palmer Trading Co: Creeper Scout Boot

Victoria, BC-based Viberg has produced some of the most sought-after work boots for over 80 years. The company remains family-owned, humble and committed to maintaining the level of quality and attention to detail that put them on the map. Still, the company isn't afraid to take risks in design and inject contemporary styling into their footwear. Partnering with Massachusetts-based American goods retailer and designer Palmer Trading Co, the classic Scout Boot is given the blacked-out treatment. A creeper sole lends a more street-friendly look while waxed Horween leather bumps up the weather protection. Over time, the texture of the leather will emerge with unique wear patterns dependent on use. ($750)

Danner + wings+horns: Mountain Light

Equally at home on the trail and as in the city, Danner's Mountain Light heritage logging boot has been a longtime CH favorite. Teaming up with Vancouver, BC-based wings+horns, the all-black collaboration is limited to just 400 pairs worldwide. Made in the USA, the upper is constructed from a single piece of Horween Cavalier Chromexcel leather. The boot is completely waterproof and breathable thanks to a Gore-Tex liner. Keeping in tune with each brand's insistence on aesthetic utility, these are the optimal foul-weather footwear for those looking to balance style with functionality. ($480)

Cole Haan: ZeroGrand Tall Boot

When the ZeroGrand shoe launched this summer, it caught the attention of the style and design communities alike. The impressively lightweight footwear has thankfully been released in boot-form just in time for cool weather. The ZeroGrand Tall Boot offers the same svelte feel of it's low-top cousin, though this model is built with rain, sleet and snow in mind. Despite the boot's low weight, the flexible boot is still structurally sound and sturdy thanks in part to a storm welt and water resistant leather upper. ($298)

Images courtesy of respective brands

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ASSEMBLE XII: A Sonic Experiment at the Ace Hotel

The avant-garde collective gathers for another explosive, one-of-a-kind performance in NYC

by Gabriella Garcia in Culture on 23 October 2014

Ace Hotel, Apps, CMJ, Events, Experimental Music, NYC, Performance Art, Music


It's CMJ week in NYC, meaning the streets are flooded with thousands of artists vying for attention. In a festival that offers more music than anyone can possibly endure, avant-garde performance experiment ASSEMBLE puts on a sonic experience like no other.

ASSEMBLE, created by Pat Noecker (who performs as an experimental cell phone musician under the name RAFT), is a series of improvisational collaborative round-robins started in 2012. Coming out of a "need for intimacy" that was missing from the music scene's status quo, Noecker tells CH that he wanted to, "design a situation that would illuminate process, medium and performance that would function as an intimate gathering of peoples." The name really does say it all. ASSEMBLE is also a practice in the value of the ephemeral encounter. For each event, Noecker selects participants from a diverse rotation of musicians and performers, creating hyper-unique pieces each and every time.


ASSEMBLE is gathering for its 12th iteration on 25 October 2014, coming to the Ace Hotel lobby in NYC as part of the hotel's unofficial CMJ showcase for its second year in a row. "I like to mix up my choice of spaces to perform in," Noecker explains. "A hotel lobby is an unexpected spot to witness performances, but perfect for an ASSEMBLE event where people can walk around a large space and observe the musician and sound artist's varying approaches and mediums."

Similar to last year's performance, ASSEMBLE XII will feature "Transmissions in A and E" where musicians improvise on their selected instruments using only those two notes, reaching harmony by the end of the piece. "You'd be surprised what happens with such a simple umbrella to improvise under," Noecker says. As an added bonus, audience members are invited to join in by using the TRANSMISSIONS iPhone app, which was specifically created with this event in mind. In addition to RAFT, participants include Talk Normal's Sarah Register, Ashcan Orchestra members Pat Spadine and Austin Vaughn, and performance artist Sto Len.


Last year's Ace Hotel performance was undoubtedly a success, reportedly bringing some audience members to tears. With the artists set up throughout the entire lobby, ASSEMBLE engulfed a crowd that contained intentional attendees and unsuspecting hotel guests alike. While the common area chatter initially drowned out the music, the performance slowly crescendoed into what Noecker describes as, "a daunting, haunting, uplifting gentle giant." By the end of the hour-long show, the lobby was completely drawn in and even participating themselves, playing with bells that were handed out by one of ASSEMBLE's musicians.

Check out ASSEMBLE XII on Saturday, 25 October 2014, at the NYC Ace Hotel. The performance is free and open to the public.

Images courtesy of ASSEMBLE

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