Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. The Mexican Morrissey Although he’s known to many as the world’s greatest Morrissey impersonator, Jose Maldonado will admit he’s just another fan of the indie rock icon and former The Smiths lead singer. Maldonado spends his days patrolling the...
One-of-a-Kind Denim Patchwork Jacket
Denim jackets become one-of-a-kind, wearable political and social commentary through designer McKenzie Rose's touch. Using the jackets as a base, Rose pieces together patches, cut-up T-shirts and other garments, buttons and pins—all from vintage and...
Caban Victoire Raincoat
Made from clear polyurethane, this double-breasted caban raincoat from Paris-based Wanda Nylon is a good way to stay cheerful when the moody skies are offering nothing but seemingly never-ending spring showers. The multi-colored details are made from...
Chloë Sevigny Book
The term "It Girl" tends to be overused and is borderline meaningless at times, but when you're talking about Chloë Sevigny, it's an ideal descriptor. In her self-titled photo book—published by Rizzoli and boasting a foreword by Kim Gordon—Sevigny...
Internet-Inspired Clothing by Brisbane's House of Cards
With past collections like the Japanese pop culture-inspired "Yatta" and the '90s-doused "The Waisted Years," Brisbane-based independent fashion label House of Cards goes all out each season with thematic collections full of creative statement pieces...
Eight Colorful Socks for Spring
Spring has almost entirely sprung in the Northern Hemisphere, and with the warmer weather comes the ability to show off your ankles. (Soon, legs and arms too.) What better way to celebrate cuffing season than with some fun, bold and playful socks...
Emerald Tortoiseshell Sunglasses
Named for a popular hiking trail across the Golden Gate Bridge, the new Sunski Dipseas combine classic styling with bold touches. The polarized lenses are super-bright emerald green (and offer certified UVA/B/400 protection), but the shape and tortoiseshell...
Hand-Dyed Silk Shirt Dress
Brooklyn-based Upstate makes tie-dye utterly covetable and sophisticated with their new summer collection. Mixing shibori hand-dye techniques with marbling and digital printing, the made-in-USA brand offers kaleidoscopic sarongs, culottes and dip-dyed...
Eloi Scarves Get Psychedelic
Instead of being born from whimsical illustrations or landscape photography, each of Paige Russell's scarf designs from her brand Eloi started out as a collage of construction paper cutouts. On silk, the stiff, two-dimensional artworks become fluid...
Lassen Suede Jacket
NYC's The Arrivals have just released a women's jacket that is as stunning as it is functional. The pink suede Lassen's design was inspired by the classic denim jacket, is a little boxy and boasts oversized buttons. Most impressive though: it's waterproof...
Scene, by All: Presentations at NYFW F/W '15
As we've continued to experience, there's far more to New York Fashion Week than clothing. While it is an insight into what the world will soon be wearing—reflective of months of ideation, process and execution—it's also a tremendous presentation of...
Trouble Lapel Pin
For troublemakers everywhere, this slingshot enamel pin—designed in Toronto is perfect for recognizing rascals at a glance. Buy one for yourself, and one for your favorite partner in crime.
Interview: Paul O'Neill of Levi's Vintage Clothing
As the originator of the classic American blue jean, Levi's is a brand built on quality and function with a steady vision of the past, present and future of apparel. Though our sights are most often focused forward, towards the latest in innovation...
Hattie Smiley Clutch
Australian designer Poppy Lissiman and British artist Hattie Stewart have joined forces to design this super-bright and playful clutch—complete with smiley faces, love-hearts and mushroom motifs. Made from appliquéd faux leather this bag is a limited...
VFILES Made Fashion at Lincoln Center
Community is key for VFILES—the online hub of social connection and editorial content that sheds light on relevant and emerging talent in the world of fashion and culture. This is exemplified by the fact that all four featured designers in their...
POMS Earrings
Made from Marabou feathers, cotton and sterling silver, POMS earrings (designed by Melbourne, Australia-based Adriana Giuffrida) are super-playful and blend in a little '80s nostalgia. Available in pale pink, baby blue, black and white, these fluffy...
The Jack Sunglasses
Putting a modern spin on the '60s swagger of JFK in the summer, Traps Eyewear presents the universally flattering Jack shades. Lest anyone thinks these are your run-of-the-mill sunglasses, the frames' high-quality Italian acetate is paired with aged...
Tailfeather Leather Goods
Drawing inspiration from Australia's storied landscape, Tailfeather was founded in 2010 by a husband and wife team with the simple goal of creating timeless, well-crafted leather goods. With their recent workshop move from Tallarook to the Bellarine...
CH Picks: Timeless NFL Apparel
From capital F fashion houses to emerging streetwear brands, we've seen sport-inspired imagery enter the world of men's style across all levels in the past few seasons. Whether it's high-end mesh jerseys, handmade leather footballs or iconic high...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Krrb Classifieds Nascar meets wheelchair in this polished tire rocker up for grabs on community-based classifieds site Krrb. The chair, named “El Rocker de Las Llantas Muertas" (The Rocker of Dead Tires), has been meticulously hand crafted by...
Inside Italy's Growing Sneaker Expo, Ginnika
Sneaker culture is varied and constantly evolving. It's a world in which art, music, sports, fashion and of course shoes, all play a part. It generates passions and manias, as well as interesting connections between different places and people that...
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