I Pods

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Apple's portable devices have become increasingly ubiquitous, with people stockpiling laptops, iPhones and iPods that seem to outnumber the world's available power outlets. The PlugBug by Twelve South—essentially a splitter for the iPad/iPhone...
For iPhone or iPod users frustrated with hard-to-reach outlets or finding space on messy counters, look no further than Bluelounge's MiniDock. Launching today, the dock adapter eliminates the awkward slack of charger cords, conveniently lifting...
Tired of text-based social media updates? Change tactics and let your right brain take control with, a new website and soon-to-be iPad and iPhone app that allows the user to create and share web drawings, encouraging you to unleash your...
Seagate GoFlex Satellite
Launching today, the new GoFlex Satellite wireless hard drive from Seagate enables users to wirelessly stream movies, music, photos, and documents directly to their mobile device or computer. While the drive comes with a companion app, it also works...
Octiv 650
Just unveiled, Altec Lansing's latest iPhone/iPod friendly device adds new innovative features to keep the now classic "dock" model fresh. In addition to delivering rich sound, with its two 3" full range drivers and a nested 4" subwoofer, the Octiv...
Bone Collection
The $1 billion-plus industry for Apple accessories is indeed a crowded field, but Taiwanese brand Bone Collection sets themselves apart with adorably inventive iPod cases, stands, USB drives and more. Innovations include the iPhone Horn Stand...
Granny Tunes
by Ikechukwu Onyewuenyi Love having all your Townes Van Zandt tracks at your fingertips but can't stand the iPod's shiny exterior? Enter Granny Tunes, a hand-knit case that covers the musical device with lacy looks. Seizing on fashion's enduring neo...
While Wikipedia may be the modern encyclopedia for the information-absorbing set, it often lacks the depth needed to fully comprehend involved subjects—for example the Spanish Inquisition or Behavior Economics. Developed to expand your knowledge...
L5 Remote
First previewed back in January at CES and now finally available for purchase, the L5 Remote transforms iPhones or iPod Touches into all-in-one clickers for any home entertainment system, putting the end of playing hide-and-seek with remote controls...
iLuv iMM190 App Station
An alarm clock, digital photo frame, portable movie display, and Skype station all in one, the iLuv IMM190 dock makes iPhone and iTouch capabilities all the more useful while keeping your beloved gadget secure and charged. Featuring dynamic acoustic...
Powermat Wireless Charging Station
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CH Gift Guide: Speakers That Rock
With the vast amount of speakers and docking stations available for your iPod or MP3 player these days, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. We've picked our top ten and put them in our 2008 Gift Guide, and to help you out we've included a range...
2B Tube Amp Radio
by Laurice Parkin It's hard to remember not getting music from anywhere but a digital download, but luckily for us, designer Jonas Damon hasn't forgotten the original source. With his newest creation, he's taken sound back to it's...
Schmap for the iPhone and iPod Touch
When we first learned about Schmap digital travel guides a couple years back, we loved the concept but were frustrated by the lack of options for Macs. With their new beta version for iPhones and iPod Touches, they've one-upped themselves by...
Podpro Trailmaps
Instead of fumbling with oversized trailmaps on the chairlift, Podpro offers free downloadable maps which you can view on your iPhone or iPod. Offering access to a few dozen resorts in the U.S and Canada like Aspen, Alta, Mammoth and Whistler Blackcomb...
Bose Computer MusicMonitor
by Laurice Parkin Great sound is meant to be heard rather than seen, but with Bose's newest entry into the desktop soundscape—the Computer MusicMonitor, both your eyes and ears will be equally pleased. We have always been impressed with...
Working Class Heroes iPhone/iPod Touch Holders
by Valery Joseph The latest streamlined iPod/iPhone sleeves to enter the market (and our current favorites) comes courtesy of the Austrian duo behind the label Working Class Heroes. "We began the company out of a vision to create something...
Stringless Pleasure Stereo System
by Brian Fichtner Audiophiles have had a tough time of it in recent years. Ever since the digital music revolution made it possible for music lovers to archive entire collections on a hard drive, high fidelity and the golden age of home audio equipment...
45 iPod Cases
The folks at 45 iPod Cases have devised a perfect way to integrate antiquated analog technology into the digital age by reclaiming old seven-inch records and folding them into protective vinyl shells to house 5th and 6th generation iPods. In addition...
mStation Orb
I swear I'm not that big of a nerd, but anything that kind of reminds me of Star Wars is just totally awesome, especially when it happens to look like the Death Star. The Orb from mStation is just that, a sleek and stylish "Made for iPod...
FluffyCo Apparel and Home Decor
Inspired by the San Francisco lifestyle, FluffyCo is an apparel and home decor line featuring original designs printed on high-quality, California-made clothing with environmentally friendly water-based inks. In addition to t-shirts, hoodies and skirts...
V-Moda Vibe Duo
Not everyone has welcoming outer ears to the standard iPhone earbuds. While we haven't found the perfect replacement, the V-Moda VIBE Duos deliver the best combination of functionality, sound and in-the-ear fit. The VIBE Duos feature the inline...
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