Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Underrepresented Voices on Show at Zinister Zine Fair Opening today at the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, as part of the BAAD! Ass Women 2017 festival, the Zinister Zine Fair focuses on self-published works by people of color and/or those...
Sideburn Issue #22
Started in 2008, Sideburn is billed as “the world’s greatest go fast, turn left magazine” covering everything dirt track racing-related—from home-built bikes to death-defying mountainside rides, daunting road trip routes and more. Pick up the latest...
Indoek's Inaugural City Guide Zine
It’s been said that Los Angeles isn’t a city so much as a collection of small towns or neighborhoods that run more or less continuously from one to the next. Just ask any Angeleno to point you to the center of town and you’ll get a range of destinations...
Created by Jonathan Leder and Amy Hood, DAYTONA harkens back to a time of unadulterated fun and frolicking on the beaches of ‘70s Florida. The full-color photobook features 48 pages of NSFW images—found mostly at thrift shops and flea markets—documenting...
Filmme Fatales Zine Pack
With contributors from all over the world, Filmme Fatales is a publication that explores the world of women in film. Launched early January 2013, the zine now has six issues in its back catalog, with themes ranging from "One More Shot" to ladies in...
2015 New York Art Book Fair
The 10th anniversary edition the New York Art Book Fair, hosted by Printed Matter at MoMA PS1 in Long Island City, felt more focused and streamlined than ever, yet still featured over 370 booksellers, publishers, artists and institutions from 28 countries...
HANNAH: A Magazine Celebrating Black Women
Qimmah Saafir founded her magazine HANNAH (now funding on Kickstarter) not purely from passion, but also necessity. Saafir believes that, while a narrative around black women exists, it's not diverse, wholly inclusive or voiced by the women themselves...
Homegirl Zine
After moving from Sydney to Melbourne, Australia, Ingrid Kesa found the atmosphere for creatives in the city to be one of "collaboration rather than competitiveness" and while making new friends and connections, came in contact with more than a...
Print is Dead. Long Live Print.
Compiled by The Guardian journalist Ruth Jamieson, "Print is Dead. Long Live Print" is a hardcover tome that looks at independent publications—and explores the reason they are thriving in a time when traditional magazines are struggling. Jamieson profiles...
Mouthfeel: A Punk Foodie Zine
There are really two reasons to buy a publication: content and presentation. There's something about Mouthfeel, a brand new food zine, that delivers on both in a truly unique way. At its core, it's a large-format zine (10"x16", perfect-bound, with...
NGV Art Book Fair 2015: Highlights
by Sinead Stubbins Melbourne, Australia is a city bursting at the seams with independent publishers, arts organizations and zine-makers, so it was only a matter of time that it hosted its own Art Book Fair. Orchestrated by the National Gallery of...
Bang! Volume 1
Full of photography by Jonathan Leder and words by Jacq Frances (all under the art direction of Amy Hood), Bang! Volume 1 is a darkly cinematic NSFW zine. Exploring beauty, sexuality and "the fantasy of the female at its climax," the publication is...
The Good Copy, Melbourne
Born out of a love of words and a desire to support emerging and freelance writers, Melbourne's The Good Copy is a writing studio, publisher, grammar school, shop and community library. From offering creative services for corporate clients to publishing...
Valley Cruise Press
Valley Cruise Press is basically a giant middle finger to the tired claim that print is dead. With a sharp eye for exceptional illustration stemming from their own strong talent, Valley Cruise founders Ted Feighan and Ally Quandt have created an...
Non Stop Poetry: The Zines of Mark Gonzales
Published by Printed Matter, "Non Stop Poetry: The Zines of Mark Gonzales" chronicles the skateboard legend's extensive artwork from the over 145 zines he created, starting as far back as the early '90s. With contributions from the likes of Harmony...
"Say it Ain't Southern"
by Chermelle Edwards Fascinated with train culture and its resulting, reclusive history, Will Rhoten finds himself in the American crossroads of Dallas, Texas. Here, using Instagram as a tool, Rhoten documents the often unnoticed drawings and tags...
Future You Zine
With short stories by Nada Alic, artwork by Andrea Nakhla and photos from Angela Lewis all wrapped up in a package designed by Nik Ewing (of the band Local Natives), the new zine "Future You" is a thoughtful and perfectly oddball publication that...
Various Creative: TWO
In the age of Instagram likes, retweets and reblogs, it's easy to get cynical about the motivation behind creating and sharing one's work online. If the internet has given us a platform for sharing, it's also given us a platform for ceaseless self...
Masterpiece Coloring Book
Often irreverent and always original, Zurich-based indecent publishing house Nieves has been publishing offbeat zines and art books since 2001, for a dedicated fan base that's global and ever-growing. Their latest release, "Masterpiece Coloring...
Short Stack Editions
Strawberries, Eggs, Tomatoes, Grits, Buttermilk and Sweet Potatoes—each Short Stack edition sees a food industry expert or chef take on a single ingredient in a cookbook-meets-zine format. Each pocket-sized volume includes cooking tips and original...
A Record of Time: A Journal of Wanderlust
by Kohl Crecelius It wasn’t long after SoCal-based artist, designer, and craftsman Sean Woolsey (already a CH favorite) came across a quote by American author John Green, that he and his wife bought a 1987 VW Westfalia van and took off on a road...
Hiut Denim’s Year Book 2
by Emily Bihl With selvage denim's ever-increasing popularity, the surfeit of new brands popping up seem to do little to differentiate themselves—but Wales-based Hiut Denim proves to be the exception. The brand's remarkable yearly publication The...
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