Studio Visit: BUAISOU, Brooklyn
Here at CH, indigo is our muse (we've even dedicated a Gift Guide to it this year) but sometimes, the final product can't tell the entire story on its own. Natural indigo blue is not an easy color to achieve, is the takeaway from our conversation...
Tanner's Apron
With locally sourced hides, spruce bark collected from the local lumbering industry, water from the Pite River and countless years of saddlery experience, Böle is producing some of the most considered leather goods in the world. The four generations...
Cool Hunting Video: MB&F
For the first video in our Lincoln Hello Again series, we traveled to Geneva, Switzerland to visit one of the most forward-thinking watchmakers on the planet. In the digital age, when the smartphone has become the modern-day pocket watch, the traditional...
Jon Burgerman: Racing Lines
NYC-based artist Jon Burgerman will be taking a transatlantic flight back home for his upcoming show "Racing Lines" at London's prestigious Southbank Centre, opening on 12 November 2013. Armed with pens and—sometimes digital—paint, Burgerman's works...
BAM's Harvey Theater now has a shiny new neighbor. Founded in 1977 by Richard Yelle and Joe Upham, the New York Experimental Glass Workshop—the country's first open-access glass studio—has bounced around from its original Great Jones Street location...
Innovate Like A Misfit
Kyra Maya Phillips, the co-author of the upcoming book "The Misfit Economy," encourages readers to think like pirates, gangsters and hackers when approaching business. While researching and writing the book, Phillips spent a couple of years delving...
LungA Festival 2013
by Maj Hartov A celebration of art and creative practices, the LungA festival on the east coast of Iceland invites attendees to partake in a full week of activities during July each year. Set in a small town called Seydisfjördur, at the end of a...
Taking a name that's likely recognizable among the last few generations, Detroit-based consumer goods company Shinola is hoping to make it easy to tell shit from Shinola. First imagined in Dallas a few short years ago, the relaunch of the more...
Poketo Store
Eight years after Angie Myung and Ted Vadakan of Poketo moved from San Francisco to LA, they've fulfilled their dream to open a store for their successful business. Located in the downtown Arts District, the newly opened 4,000-square-foot boutique...
How to Say the Most With the Least
Earlier this year, Sao Paulo-based workshop group Mesa & Cadeira invited renowned British graphic designer Anthony Burrill—known for his print works featuring simple but bold sayings—to the megapolis to lead a weeklong session with 12...
The Dinner Series
In sports they tell you that to become a better player, you have to practice against people more talented than you—demolishing your opponent each time will never lead to increased skills. This advice holds true in the creative realm as well...
WantedDesign 2012
When we attended WantedDesign's inaugural debut during NYC Design Week 2011, we knew that the fledgling venture was a force to be reckoned with. While ICFF remains the main attraction, WantedDesign drew our attention for bringing American and New...
Extraordinary Coffee Workshop
As the movement to recognize coffee as a serious foodstuff continues to grow, expert farmers from around the world are sharing production methods as a way of increasing quality and as a chance to experiment with new ways of cultivating beans. Intelligentsia...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Iznik Tiles
by Gregory Mitnick A celebrated Turkish art form dormant for more than 300 years, Iznik tiles play an integral role in Turkey's Ottoman Empire history and the production of them today is a labor of love. In 1993 economics professor Dr. Iş...
Levi's Film Workshop
by Mark Buche Los Angeles is to filmmaking what New York is to photography and San Francisco is to screen-printing, so it makes sense that the third installment of the Levi's Workshop—opening this weekend at MoCA's Geffen Contemporary—...
Alessi at Milan Design Week
The opening of Alessi's new Milan space today was more than just a celebration of their new digs, but also an occasion to present some of the iconic Italian brand's latest projects, including an innovative line of lamps and luminaries, produced by...
Stockholm Burlesque Festival
With winter clipping at the heels of the Northern Hemisphere, what better way to celebrate being indoors than by seductively disrobing? Opening 27 October 2010, the first-annual Stockholm Burlesque Festival invites striptease fans and performers...
Levi's Photo Workshop
Dial the clock back a few years and Levi's was just another Big American Brand rapidly losing marketshare to other major labels and niche denim brands. Today (approximately one global financial crisis later) the San Francisco, CA-based clothier is...