MyFord Touch In-Car Interface
In an impressive keynote yesterday opening CES, Ford announced their radically revised new instrument panels for driving in a digital world. Completely integrating the car's interface with other devices and services, the brand will introduce...
Craigslist Redesign
Tasking leading interface designers including Scott Thomas, Pentagram and with re-imagining one of the Internet's oldest stalwarts, Wired's latest in their Extreme Makeover series is a telling exercise on the state of design online...
Green Concept Cars by The Royal College Of Arts
Design with no regard to plausibility is always fascinating, especially when applied to the sense of fantasy and freedom inspired by cars. But what happens when you introduce a limiting (and very real) factor to the project? Featured in Wired, the...
Wired NextFest 2007
From ideas that ran from the creepy (like regenerated body parts including bladders) to conceptually fascinating (like a harp with strings made from lasers and a Lifestraw that kills sinister infectious organisms in water upon contact), over 160 exhibitors...
I too made it to Nextfest, Wired Magazine's showcase of all things futuristic. Interestingly, the press day was also the education day so it was a great chance to see how kids responded to all the exhibits. It was no surprise that they found all...
Wired NextFest
Wired Magazine created NextFest to "celebrate the shape of things to come." Among the features are a series of concept devices from Springtime, Nike, BMW, Antenna and Motorola. There's some pretty interesting thought and major eye candy...
The Google Button
The most recent issue of Wired magazine is all about Googlemania. One piece, How Would You Redesign the Google Interface, features concepts by Joshua Davis, Jenny Holzer, Shepard Fairey and the above piece from some unnamed designers at IDEO Product...