Wearable Sun Protection
There’s no faster way to throw shade on a warm weather vacation (or the first few hot days of spring) than with sunburn. It takes only 15 minutes of direct sunlight exposure for skin damage to begin occurring, so protection is a must. While sunscreen...
Alternative, Stylish Women's Surfwear
Thankfully surfwear has come a long way since women's styles simply meant adding floral motifs or a pink colorway. In an ever-evolving industry, inventive designs for women are becoming more abundant. Here, we've highlighted brands that eschew the...
The Japanese Wetsuit by Vissla
A necessary investment for surfers and anyone braving frigid waters, wetsuits have undergone serious improvements of late in terms of functionality, warmth and sustainability. In tune with Patagonia's plant-based wetsuit, the team at Orange County...
RASH Wetsuits for Pilgrim Surf + Supply
Fresh off an extremely on-point partnership with Japanese clothing brand Beams, Brooklyn-based surf shop and apparel-maker Pilgrim Surf + Supply ventured back to Land of the Rising Sun, this time for special edition wetsuits. Founder Chris Gentile...
Neon Wetsuits
England's rugged Cornish coast might not be the first place you'd expect to find a flourishing, stylish, custom wetsuit company, but Neon—located in England's surf mecca, Newquay—handcrafts made-to-order men's and women's wetsuits out of their workshop...
Patagonia Bowery
Purveyor of some of the finest outdoor gear on the market, Ventura-based Patagonia has grown from a couple of climbers banging hammers in a shed to a worldwide leader in the apparel industry. While paying homage to its roots with a recent heritage...
Patagonia's Plant-Based Wetsuit
With a committed mission to reducing their environmental impact, Patagonia has partnered with eco-friendly biomaterial firm Yulex to create the first plant-based wetsuit material. "Performance, natural rubber has not been used in wetsuits, ever...
Patagonia R1
Having mastered innovative wool-lined wetsuits designed for near-Arctic conditions, Patagonia unleashed their research and development team and returned to their Southern California roots with the recent release of the R1 warm water wetsuit. By taking...