Private White V.C.
Trading on the heritage and skill of several generations of local manufacturing in the UK, Private White V.C. is a menswear label named after founder James Eden's great grandfather. Jack White was a decorated hero of World War I, awarded the Victoria...
Ural Patrol T
One of the premier producers of sidecar motorcycles, Ural's designs, created to handle any type of terrain, date back to World War II. Established in 1939, the Russian brand's origins are muddled with stories of smuggling BMWs from Germany through...
Postlerferguson Paper Weapon Model Kits
Design duo Postlerferguson's new paper grenade, Uzi, M4A8 and MP5 join their first paper gun model kit, an AK-47, making for a full arsenal of DIY weapons. Investigating "the history, the aesthetics and the lethal seductiveness" of...
Rachel Papo: Serial No. 3817131
Ohio-born Israeli Rachel Papo began photographing female soldiers in 2004. Having worked as a photographer in the Israeli Air Force for two years during her mandatory military service, Papo had experienced first hand being “plucked...
I Met The Walrus
Around the time of Lennon's 1969 "bed-in" phase a 14 year-old Beatles fanatic named Jerry Levitan snuck into John Lennon's Toronto hotel room for a little chat. Thirty-five years later Josh Raskin has woven a visual narrative of...
Warmaking Show
Warmaking, a five-artist group show about "the nature of wars and wars of nature," opens this Thursday October 20th at Williamsburg's Riviera gallery and runs through October 30th. Works incorporate symbols of death, like in curator...
SVSV Aformofwar
Aformofwar is the second line from bespoke luxury street-wear brand, Serum Versus Venom (SVSV). The collection, an exploration into fragility, protection, form and conflict features carbon fiber twills, knits and fleece-- all fireproof. Bamboo fiber...
Dangerous Breed
I hear Iraq, Afghanistan, and North Korea are awfully beautiful travel destinations if you don’t mind air raids and the smell of depleted uranium in the morning. The “Gaza Strip Club”, “Ski Iraq”, and “Discover...
Red Cross Vintage
Earlier this month, the Red Cross issued this vintage style T-shirt to help raise money for their ongoing support of US soldiers. While the T-shirt is pretty fashionable and the cause is good, right now it's more important to support their International...