Four Simple Cocktails for Spring
As bartenders continue to further the nuances of cocktail-making, it's important to remember that sometimes simple does the trick. And while we recently tried an otherworldly Woodford Reserve Double Oaked $1,000 mint julep in anticipation of the Kentucky...
Three Superb Spirits Employing Surprising Materials
On a recent trip to indie food and drink specialty shop Mouth, in NYC, we discovered a bunch of curious creations that hadn't crossed our path before. After leaving with plenty of products to taste, three struck our attention for their unique approach...
Cocktail Courier Hits Chicago
When you're looking to order beer, wine and spirits directly to your home, both Drizly and Minibar Delivery App can get alcohol to you rather quickly. But if you're planning on making a mixed drink, Cocktail Courier comes complete with a recipe and...
Absolut Andy Warhol Art Exchange: CH Picks
As part of Absolut's celebration of their limited edition Andy Warhol bottle, the brand's global art exchange encourages creativity from all corners of the world. In a clever move—reminiscent of Warhol's work—the initiative blends pop culture and...
Socially Conscious Snow Leopard Vodka
For consumers who don't have time to try all of the many different vodkas on the market, it's tough to know the liquor's true nuances and build brand allegiance. With the newly released Snow Leopard Vodka, however, there's an added value to every...
The Eleven Generations Behind Ketel One
An hour outside of Amsterdam, the Nolet Distillery lies at the outskirts of Schiedam, the Netherlands—a small municipality in South Holland that was once one of the largest spirit producers in the world. A series of interconnected buildings and a...
Mouth's Independent Spirits and Wine Shop
Independent food continues to be on the rise. Small-batch producers of everything from pickles to popcorn are are finding a wide audience across the world; and in doing so, turning the corporate food industrial complex on its head. At the forefront...
A 100% Canadian Vodka from Odd Society Spirits
It's no secret that vodka is a crowded space in the alcohol industry, often with differentiation between brands seeming to begin and end with the label. So when Vancouver native Gordon Glanz set out to develop a distillery in the Canadian city after...
Six Hangar 1 Vodka Drinks from the Manhattan Cocktail Classic
by Jennifer Miller Last weekend, the New York Public Library opened its doors for one of the city’s most egalitarian black tie events: the Manhattan Cocktail Classic opening gala. Thousands of guests entered the library’s mood-lit halls, sipping...
Mead of Poetry Cocktail
While indulging in the taste of Iceland, as part of Scandinavian pop-up restaurant Aska's last serving at Brooklyn's Kinfolk Studios, we were fortunate to try the Mead of Poetry cocktail—a multilayered, rich and flavorful marriage of vodka and mead...
Rafael Grampá’s Dark Noir Premieres at MADE
Advertorial content: For the debut of Brazilian illustrator Rafael Grampá’s 3D animated short with #NextFrame, Absolut toasted the artist’s success with a private screening of the film, "Dark Noir." Fittingly, the premiere took place at the brand...
Spirit Works Distillery
by Heather Stewart Feldman In Sonoma County wine country, Spirit Works Distillery is laboring over something quite different to sip on. Dreaming of working with their hands, making a product that was authentic and sustainable, husband and wife team...
Interview: Rafael Grampá
Advertorial content: In the world of comic books, it's nearly impossible for an outsider to rise out of anonymity. However, that's just what Brazilian cartoonist Rafael Grampá did in 2008 when he debuted his original series “Mesmo Delivery” in the...
New and International Vodkas
Although the Moscow Mule might be getting some flack for its overrated simplicity and marketing-made history, that doesn't mean vodka can't impress. While the spirit is supposed to be clear, odorless and flavorless (unless intentionally infused or...
Our Perfect Vesper, In the Gloaming
Sponsored content: For the summer season, a Vesper cocktail—kin to the classic martini—provides enough potent refreshment to keep the dog days away. Born of the imagination that brought James Bond into the world, the Vesper pairs vodka with gin...
Absolut Elyx
Over the past decade, Absolut became more synonymous with college parties and dance club bottle service than with its artistically-inclined, sustainably-minded Swedish roots. This shift in reputation is undoubtedly a repercussion of its ubiquitous...
Oola Flavored Vodka
Between 50-year-old whiskey and 19th-century curaçao, vodka has a tendency to fall by the wayside in our hunt for sipping spirits, but a recent encounter wtih Oola's flavored vodkas has certainly changed that. Oola, a micro-distillery in the...
Best of CH 2012: Booze + Snacks
We ate and drank the best of 2012 and plan to do the same in 2013. This is the heyday of the gourmand, with everyone everywhere experimenting with ingredients and looking to explore the final reaches of the food-obsessed revolution. Below you'll find...
Grey Goose Punch Series: Miami
Advertorial content: Bringing together interesting tastemakers in cities across the US for its Grey Goose Punch Series, the vodka brand has created four films offering tips on mixing up both perfect cocktails and an unforgettable party ambience...
Mariposa Agave Nectar
From Heaven Hill Distilleries, makers of Elijah Craig whiskey and Rittenhouse Straight Rye, comes Mariposa, the first agave nectar liqueur on the market. Mariposa, which is concocted from 100% agave tequila and premium vodka, is named for the Spanish...
Reyka Vodka
Only a handful of components are necessary for making Reyka vodka: a grain spirit made from quality wheat and barley, water, geothermal energy, lava rock filtration and a custom-crafted, copper Carter-Head still. The incredibly smooth spirit is the...
Karlsson's Batch 2008
Prized for its silky mouth feel and distinct flavor, Karlssons began in 2001 when a group of Swedish potato farmers sought a way to improve their business. At the behest of Peter Ekelund—well-known as an entrepreneur who had helped launch Absolut...
Pemberton Distillery
On a recent trip to Whistler, we had the opportunity to sample the vodka from Pemberton Distillery, a fledgling outfit nestled in the Pemberton Valley of British Columbia. Within their unassuming walls, the distillery employs copper stills to create...
Caviar Showcase for Two
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