A History of Britain in Thirty-Six Postage Stamps
"A History of Britain in Thirty Six Postage Stamps" is kind of like Cliff's Notes, but better. The stamps themselves are art, and Chris West incorporates not only the country's history, but culture and politics as well, into a snappy survey of three...
Information is Beautiful Awards 2013
We've been slammed with facts, statistics and reports for as long as we've known how to ingest and interpret them. There's a reason why infographics have surged in popularity and been mobilized by the news media; no trick can plant a fact more firmly...
ARC Magazine
by Kyana Gordon Sips of rum punch, luxurious private villas and postcard-perfect white sand beaches are reasons many vacationers flock to the Caribbean. Holly Bynoe and Nadia Huggins, two ambitious women from the chain of glittering islands known...
You may never tire of turning on your iOS device to find a picture of your adorable puppy staring back at you, but if you're interested in creating a less loquacious background try the new app, Deko. Programmed by designers Jaakko Tuomivaara and...
Advertorial content: With digital media operating at a constant fever pitch—mostly fueled by the constant stream of recycled content—it's difficult to sift through the masses to find the most relevant, original information possible...
Stephen King Posters
Providing a fresh take on Stephen King's classically twisted words and worlds, graphic designer Nick Tassone evokes the spirit of the disturbing films with a set of movie posters that perfectly illustrate each daunting plot. Tassone cuts out the...
The State of the Internet
When the prospects of digitization seem endless, design studio Jess3 recently stepped in to lend some clarity to the subject with an amusing infographic video illustrating the meteoric rise of the Internet. With 1.73 billion users, 243 million websites...
Let's Share at Giant Robot SF
Giant Robot SF's new show, Let's Share, features work by Evah Fan, Jack Long and Susie Ghahremani. From the subconscious to childhood memories to irreverent thoughts on society today, each of these artists communicates through the filter of...
Provision Holographic Displays
Ronald McDonald's heart is a Coca-Cola and Provision shows it with their holographic display technology. Seriously, though, Provision has a new technology that will project three dimensional imagery that is visible from up to 100 feet away. Can...
Audiopad is a MIT Media Lab project by James Patten and Ben Recht. They used a relatively common Media Lab interface that combines video projection, physical icons, and motion tracking to create a super cool music mixer. Creating music using Audiopad...