Hot Sauce Gift Set
Created by two orthopedic surgeons who have a passion for grilling, Bone Doctors' Hot Pack gift set include Brazen Heat BBQ sauce with habanero and arbor peppers, Sweet & Spicy with peaches, honey, and cayenne, and their new Fire & Brimstone hot sauce...
Olli Salamini
At the recent Fancy Food Show, one of our favorite bites was a little kick from the spicy new Olli Calabrese salamini. Portioned in a small size more commonly found in Europe, Olli Salumeria uses their old-world artisanal techniques to create their...
Mamacita's Gourmet Hot Sauce
Making the farmers market rounds, but also available online through outreach, Mamacita's Gourmet Hot Sauce is a Virginia’s Finest product and a local merchant favorite in its hometown of Richmond. The spicy blend carries more than enough potent flavor...
Moore & Giles Black Walnut Furniture
For more than 80 years, Virginia-based Moore & Giles have designed some of the best natural leather products. With that same handcrafted attention to detail, they have just launched a Black Walnut furniture collection. This limited production run...
Judith Braun
by Nestor Bailly Picasso once said that all children are artists, and in that vein, New York artist Judith Braun keeps the youthful spirit alive, albeit with an adult's sophisticated edge. In her large-scale finger drawings she creates wall-sized...