Test Drive: Rolls-Royce Wraith
Our first look at the Wraith came last winter, and left us wanting to get behind the wheel. We recently had the chance to spend a day with it in and around Vienna, where we glided down scenic boulevards, sped on motorways and toured scenic country...
Vienna Design Week: Bertille & Mathieu + Lobmeyr
by Adam Štěch As part of Vienna Design Week—which concludes this Saturday, 5 October—French-Swiss designers Bertille Laguet and Mathieu Rohrer (Bertille & Mathieu) are currently collaborating with iconic glassware and lighting company Lobmeyr. And...
Set in Vienna's design-forward 4th district, Gabarage Upcycling Design repurposes materials from personal and corporate donations—old binders, street signs, film, tennis balls and more—into playful, purposeful modern design pieces. The...
The Ikea Phenomenon
Now showing at the Vienna Furniture Museum, The Ikea Phenomenon takes a look at the international lifestyle brand's design evolution from the 1950s to the present. The show, considered through the lens of design history (and reinforcing Ikea...
Asgar/Gabriel: Bucolica Obscura
Since 2005, the young Vienna-based artists Daryoush Asgar and Elisabeth Gabriel of Asgar/Gabriel, have been collaborating on a radically contemporary form of figurative painting. Drawing upon historical movements such as baroque, pop art, and abstract...
Mühlbauer Campaigns
Among felt molds, colorful ribbons and other bits of visual stimuli found at the Viennese workshop of Mühlbauer, the family-owned hat-makers that goes back three generations, I was particularly taken by the ad campaigns lining the halls. Spanning...
Vienna Design Week 2008: Pure Austrian Design's In The City
Meeting with Julia and Andrés Fredes, founders of Pure Austrian Design (as well as their own studio Juland), last week was a great introduction to the Austrian design scene, including Vienna's second annual design week and their pop-up...
Vienna Design Week 2008: Numen Light
On first glance Numen Light looks like just another mirror trick but on closer inspection the infinity point gapes open revealing an uneven black space that then closes, going back to infinity. Check out a video of its mesmerizing action on Rado...
Vienna Design Week 2008: Carpetplots
Reinterpreting the carpet as canvas, Carpetplots is a series of six limited editions each by a different Austrian designer. The project is the work of Vienna-based design duo Danklhampel, who curated the group of designers, and the furniture retailer...