Range Rover Evoque "City Evocation"
With the understanding that every person's travel experience is unique, Range Rover Evoque embarked on a creative endeavor: tell the stories of three cities via shape, color and sound. By way of thoughtful, engaging videos, NYC-based (via Australia...
Nikon KeyMission 360
Nikon, today at CES, unveiled their expected flagship update, the D5 (more on that soon), plus the unexpected entry point to the action and VR space, the KeyMission 360. It's bit larger than a GoPro, but the device has two lenses, not one. Facing...
CH + Enterprise: From Grub to Gourmet and Farmhand Vacations
When Enterprise asked us to help celebrate drives, passions and people through video we didn't hesitate. Our first film takes us to Big Cricket Farms in Ohio, where they are addressing concerns about feeding the world's increasing population with sustainable...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Hello! Selfie Miami Like a real-life Tumblr page, artist, author and feminist Kate Durbin created "Hello!Selfie Miami," a performance piece that occurred last week during Miami Art Week. The response to a man's attack on Durbin's piece about...
Argentine game designer Fernando Ramallo and composer David Kanaga have teamed up to create Panoramical: an immersive videogame-like experience for Mac or PC where there are no rules. You're manipulating "abstract musical landscapes" via mouse, keyboard...
The Digital Transformer from Mercedes-Benz
Today in Frankfurt, ahead of the IAA Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz presented their latest concept. The Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile concept (or IAA, cheekily) is a study in the balance of beauty and aerodynamics, solved through a transforming...
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