Kartel, a New Street Art and Music Space in Haifa
by Ross Belfer Haifa (Israel’s third largest city) is best known for its historical German Colony, UNESCO-nodded Baha’i Gardens and perhaps the country’s most savory hummus found in the multi-cultural Wadi Nisnas neighborhood. But with these changing...
Village Underground Lisboa
by Ross Belfer In Lisbon, cultural prowess and creativity are as omnipresent as the prego sandwiches and Super Bock found on nearly every street corner. The Portuguese capital city has seen a surge in new innovative enterprises opening over the...
BL-NK Hackney
Uses for community spaces are continually changing, along with the people and industries that inhabit them. As once quiet peripheral urban areas become revived and rapidly developed, certain opportunities arise for innovative use of space. One such...
Interview: Scott Meleskie of Clark Street Mercantile
Opening just over a month ago, Clark Street Mercantile is a modest boutique in Montreal aimed at the discerning gentleman. Clothing, footwear, apothecary, pens and paper, magazines, accessories, artwork, bags, blankets, tonic and grenadine, razors...
Hel Yes! Stockholm
On 7th February Stockholm welcomes design lovers as the annual Stockholm Design Week kicks off again. Timed to run alongside the Furniture & Light Fair, Finnish concept restaurant Hel Yes! will set up a special space on Skeppsholmen Island in the...
Nightmare and the Cat
"Drink your shots, pick up your beer and come watch us perform," Django Stewart commanded the crowd at Mercury Lounge last week. "We're Nightmare and the Cat," punctuated his brother and fellow frontman Sam Stewart, kicking off the show to launch...
In the beautiful gardens of La Triennale Design Museum, Italy's famed aperitivo Campari created a new look for the outdoor bar, a bright red vision designed by Matteo Ragni. Dubbed Camparitivo, Ragni tells us the spirit behind this Talent Capsule...
Five Portland Venues
Portland's influx of musicians is an adored attribute about the city. From the iconic house party to more traditional venues, Portland remains to keep their music scene fresh with an unconventional take on industry standards. Highlighted below are...