Test Drive: 2016 Audi Q7
by Michael Frank Audi's latest Q7, its seven-passenger crossover, is a much-improved driver’s car. This is chiefly due to weight—while the outgoing seven-passenger Q7 could weigh up to 5,412 pounds, the new one is down to 4,938 pounds. A future...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Cornell Renames Institute After Carl Sagan Cornell University’s Institute for Pale Blue Dots is being renamed the Carl Sagan Institute: The Pale Blue Dot and Beyond in honor of the late astrophysicist and former Cornell faculty member. After Sagan...
Test Drive: Rolls-Royce Wraith
Our first look at the Wraith came last winter, and left us wanting to get behind the wheel. We recently had the chance to spend a day with it in and around Vienna, where we glided down scenic boulevards, sped on motorways and toured scenic country...
Test Drive: 2011 Charger R/T
Few brands are more overtly "American" than Dodge. Even when their parent group was owned by Germans (now Italians), Dodge somehow remained the embodiment of a certain Yankee style—big, loud, powerful, arrogant and completely unapologetic...
Mercedes Aircap and Airscarf
When Mercedes-Benz unveiled their brand-new Aircap technology in their 2011 E-Class Cabriolet at last February's NYC Fashion Week, I knew I wanted to check it out for myself. As someone who always saw the appeal of convertibles as spoiled by hair...
Ural Patrol T
One of the premier producers of sidecar motorcycles, Ural's designs, created to handle any type of terrain, date back to World War II. Established in 1939, the Russian brand's origins are muddled with stories of smuggling BMWs from Germany through...
Dunhill Driving Glove
The handsewn driving gloves from legendary leather purveyor Dunhill make the perfect accessory for a Sunday afternoon drive this spring. Steeped in history, Dunhill came about over 100 years ago when Alfred Dunhill took over his father's saddle...
Test Drive: BMW R1200 GS
While CH counts BMW among its top brands, I personally never truly experienced what they mean by "the ultimate driving machine" until they lent us the latest model of their BMW R 1200 GS to test drive for a couple weeks. As a rider who...
2009 Ferrari 599XX and Maserati Gran Turismo
Kicking off this year's New York International Auto Show last week, we attended the U.S unveiling of the new Ferrarri 599XX and Maserati GranTurismo S Automatic at Ferrari's Park Ave showroom. Both were originally exhibited at the Geneva...
Terrafugia Transition: Airplane-Car Hybrid
Now you can fulfill all of your George Jetson dreams with Terrafugia Transition's aircraft/car combo, which completed its first successful flight this month. The carbon-fiber framed vehicle transforms between plane and automobile in an impressive...
Honda Monkey Bike
My scooter-loving friends swear by the traditional Italian brands like Vespa, Aprilia and Lambretta, so they've been slightly disgusted that my head has been turned by the Japanese. First it was Honda's Zoomer (or Ruckus as it's also known...
GEN H-4 Personal Helicopter
Traffic got you down? $31,000 will buy you your own personal helicopter, the GEN H-4. This modern marvel can go nearly 60 mph and is certain to be the envy of the commuting lane and the neighborhood. video clip (.wmv file, 2.6MB) via Odd Japan
The Knitting Machine
The Knitting Machine is Dave Cole's performance art piece that uses construction equipment and 20-foot long knitting needles to construct large-scale objects. Starting yesterday June 30th and throughout the weekend, the artist will use a pair...
Gumball 3000 Live
The 7th annual Cannon Ball Run style, drive all day and party all night rally begins in London and does a 3,000 mile European tour before ending in Monaco. There are over 100 vehicles-- some old, some new, many fast and a few driven by stars. My favorite...
The Zoomer
The Zoomer is one of oki-ni's latest products--a 50cc scooter collaboration with Honda. Very limited edition, only 15 Zoomers will be available and oki-ni will be selling 5 of them each month for the next 3 months. It's available in 3 colors...
PALV, a revolution in personal transportation? Well, maybe-- but I don't think a personal air and land vehicle will work anytime soon. Bad traffic jam? No problem, lets just lift off and fly home--wait, don't hit that overpass! What a disaster...
Entertainment Center, Toland Style
Goyard, wanted to do something interesting they comissioned Toland Grinnell. Master of lux and an expert craftsman, Grinnell managed to capture the essence of Goyard, but for a whole new audience. Achieving a new dimension of ghetto fabulous, The...
Marc Newson at the Groninger Museum
Maybe it's because of all the bullshit oil politics, or maybe it's because I just revisited my crunchy Vermont roots-- either way, I'm fascinated by Biodiesel at the moment. It is an old concept that's seeing a rebirth among socially...
BMW 1 Series
Channeling the essence of the Z Coupe in to a 4-door, BMW has announced the new 1 series. It's a mighty little wagon, perfect for the city. With the new 6 and the updated 5 series, consistency in the BMW line is once again tightened up. Check...
Dog Powered Scooter
The Dog Powered Scooter is a fascinating invention... From their site: This new dog scooter design is revolutionary †and has many benefits. Particularly appropriate for urban use on bike paths & sidewalks. The human is in...