ZerøGrand + Blunt XS Metro Umbrella
Very few compact umbrellas have the wind-fighting power of Blunt's XS Metro. Its tension canopy can easily handle heavy downpours and brutal gusts of wind. And now, the trusty device has been released with a Cole Haan ZerøGrand design nod, making it...
Blunt + Tile Smart Umbrella
Over the past few weeks we've toted around Blunt Umbrellas' latest offering, the Blunt XS_Metro + Tile. The brand initially drew attention for its sharp looks and patented indestructible design (the first patent on an umbrella sine 1922 except for...
Umbrella Stand
Assiduous umbrella makers London Undercover collaborated with Scotland's Method Studio to produce a striking oak umbrella stand—a functional furnishing handmade and expertly crafted. The stand is available with orange or army green webbing material.
Mini Umbrella
Blunt's Mini Umbrella incorporates their radial tensioning system into a portable, lightweight and aerodynamic weather canopy that is unflappable and easy to control even in stormy conditions.
Mini Umbrella
Marimekko's floral prints and bold patterns brighten up the dreariest of days. The famed Finnish brand's mini umbrella in their signature Unikko print will keep you dry while neatly fitting into a small bag or purse when not in use.
London Undercover and Tenue de Nîmes
Since its inception just two years ago, London Undercover has become the ultimate silver lining to any rainy day with its collection of elegantly-crafted umbrellas. With designer Jamie Milestone at the helm, the English outfit's latest venture with...
As a mother who walks regularly, Brooklynite Micaela Birmingham discovered a design problem when going out with her child. "When my first daughter was a newborn, I proudly stepped out with my fancy stroller for our first walk to the park and was...
London Undercover Umbrellas
Adding a pop of color and a humorous outlook on dreary days, London Undercover keeps carriers dry with their well-designed umbrellas, boasting English-inspired graphics on sustainable fabrics. The After Dark collection (shown at top) speaks to...
Seriously Funny Gifts
Take the misery out of holiday shopping with these funny gifts, designed to make even Scrooge crack a smile. Our favorite is the F*CK The Rain Umbrella, which would cheer up any gloomy day. Other fun items are bacon dental floss (look for other bacon...
MoMA Design Store: Destination Japan
MoMA Design Store recently launched Destination Japan, an exclusive product collection of housewares, accessories and design objects usually available only Japan. Available for a limited time, it features a range of items—from those created...
Six Better-Than-Average Umbrellas
Following the Swims post, you might guess we have a rain theme going on today. What can we say? It's been raining a lot here lately. During the drearier months an adequate umbrella is essential, especially for urbanites who face longer treks than...
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