Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Legendary Typographer Adrian Frutiger Has Died at 87 Typography legend Adrian Frutiger, best known for sans-serif design and for creating the typeface used in London’s street signs, died last week at the age of 87. Frutiger began his career...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Cornell Renames Institute After Carl Sagan Cornell University’s Institute for Pale Blue Dots is being renamed the Carl Sagan Institute: The Pale Blue Dot and Beyond in honor of the late astrophysicist and former Cornell faculty member. After Sagan...
Baselworld 2015: Mondaine Helvetica NY Edition
Best known as the brand to feature the Official Swiss Railways clock design on their watch face, Mondaine debuted a new series in 2014—the Helvetica No. 1—to much acclaim. Employing an equally clean, classic touch, punctuated by the use of the font...
Set of Four Espresso Cups
Danish architect Arne Jacobsen left his legacy behind in structures large (such as the SAS Royal Hotel) and small (his Ant, Egg and Swan chairs), but he went even smaller when he created original typography for Aarhus City Hall in 1937. Danish company...
We Are Ink’d Temporary Tattoos
We’ve come a long, long way since the times when getting a tattoo was the exclusive prerogative of those on society's fringes. Getting inked is still a pretty big decision however, so trying it out beforehand can oftentimes seem like a good idea...
Bibliothèque’s Bibliothèque and Reset Pop-Up
Three years ago, we spoke to London design consultancy Bibliothèque about the rare editions and special collections in its bookshelves. This year, Bibliothèque is sharing its favorite books with everyone, as it opens an interactive installation...
Exploring Words and Destruction with "Extracts"
by Jorge Grimberg Currently on view at New York's No Romance Galleries is "Extracts," an exhibition curated by Tim Strazza that features work by three artists on one common theme: the exploration of negative space through paper, words and deconstruction...
Horn Please: The Decorated Trucks of India
From the mountainous city of Leh in the north to the palm tree-lined tourist-haven of Kerala in the south, India is a vast nation of rich diversity—whether it's landscape, language, food or even automobiles. The country's intricate and ever-growing...
Interview: Typomaniac Erik Spiekermann
Few individuals within the design community deserve as much acclaim as Erik Spiekermann—and even fewer typographers at that. Throughout his storied 30-year career, the prolific German typographer, designer and entrepreneur has influenced contemporary...
The Signs of Italy: Grafica della Strada
It's something of a rarity for a designer with such a storied career as NYC-based Louise Fili to trace the foundations of her career back to one single memory. The 2014 AIGA Medal-winner and self-described Italophile's career in book design and food...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. World Cup Tours via Street View In anticipation of next week's World Cup opening, Google scoured the football-obsessed nation of Brazil for some of the most festive locales, from painted streets to stadiums. The virtual tour is an excellent use...
Arts District Printing Co.
Kristan Cunningham and Scott Jarrell opened the Arts District design collective Hammer and Spear in downtown Los Angeles knowing from the start that they would fill their store with unique vintage finds and exclusive items made by local artists...
Playtype + Côte&Ciel Laptop Sleeves
Typeface is for more than books, signs and posters, as the Copenhagen-based Playtype (the more "fun" younger sibling of the Danish brand agency e-Types) shows, instilling their love for all things type onto cups, raincoats and even skateboards, in...
Typorama: The Graphic Work of Philippe Apeloig
The unofficial French ambassador happens to be a trusted messenger for the cultural powerhouses—museums such as the Louvre and Musée d'Orsay, publishers such as Éditions de La Martinière and Robert Laffont and luxury brands such as Hermès and Yves...
Steve "Espo" Powers Note Cards
Beloved NYC-based artist Steve "Espo" Powers—famous for his very public love letters on walls from Philadelphia to Coney Island—officially retired from the graffiti game way back in 1999, but thankfully he continues to share his art with the world...
Interview: Mark Fox
Manipulation is something everybody experiences every day—good or bad, conscious or unconscious. For NYC-based artist Mark Fox, manipulation has permeated his entire body of work and is a theme he continues to explore in his latest exhibition "MFKPMQ...
Futurist Gift Kits
The Italian Futurist movement rejected the old and glorified the young and strong. We can only hope our skin care products have the same manifesto. Leave it to Aesop, purveyor of antioxidant defying lotions and potions to merge their passion for fine...
The Field Guide to Typography
In "The Field Guide to Typography," Peter Dawson, co-founder of London-based Grade Design, leads the journey through 125 different typefaces (which is not to be confused with fonts). From the start, the book compares itself to a birdwatching handbook...
40 Days of Dating
Jessica Walsh and Tim Goodman are best friends who find themselves single at the same time. Walsh is the hopeless romantic, always looking for love, and Goodman is afraid of commitment, oftentimes after many girls at once. Losing sight of what it...
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