Gothscreenshots Apparel
Anybody who has used a computer has surely experienced those programmed messages and icons that occasionally pop up on screens—from "Do you want to quit?" to "Something's not right" and the Chrome browser's dinosaur that appears when an internet...
15 Folds, a New Host for Original GIF Art
Of all the good things the internet has brought us—increased connectivity, the ability to look up anything anywhere, music streaming, weird animal videos and so on and so on forever—perhaps one of the most universally appreciated is GIFs. Starting...
Dan Gluibizzi: Between Friends
Sex, bongs and the internet—these are the motifs explored in the watercolors of Portland-via-New York artist and Tumblr addict Dan Gluibizzi (pronounced "glue-busy"). Opening tomorrow, 1 March 2014, at LA's Kopeikin Gallery, Gluibizzi's solo exhibition...
Paddles ON!
Although its main focus has been on contemporary art and design in the last decade, Phillips has never held an auction dedicated to digital art—until now. The historic international auction house partnered with Tumblr (undoubtedly one of the most...
MAXHASH, the first app from design and developer studio HYPERHYPER, is the newest way to browse the internet. The app conglomerates hashtags from popular social media networks (so far just Instagram and Tumblr) to bring those tagged images onto a...
Jon Burgerman's Drawings of Girls I've Seen on Tumblr
Intrigued by the Tumblr-girl phenomenon—where images of girls are posted online and then endlessly reblogged on various Tumblr sites—Brooklyn-based illustrator Jon Burgerman has decided to join in. Only instead of simply reposting selected images...
Eugenia Loli
by Jacqueline Drayer Artist Eugenia Loli digitally manipulates vintage photos to create collages with vaguely dark undertones. Based in California, Loli reaches a wide and loyal fan base on tumblr but at the same time exhibits a depth in her work...