Rolling into the Future on Onewheel
Now that 2015—the year that "Back to the Future" predicted hoverboards would hit the streets—is upon us, Future Motion Inc. has brought the dream of the space-age mode of transportation a little closer with Onewheel. A self-balancing electric board...
Passport to the World
Since 1962 luxury travel experience company Abercrombie & Kent has led adventure-prone individuals on expeditions, safaris and cruises around the world. And for their latest trip, A&K has teamed up with Flexjet for a trip around the world, literally...
Bicycle Mirror
A typical bicycle mirror can be quite boring. Luckily, creative bike accessory line, Charly, a name which means bicycle in Japanese, have created a whimsical array of bicycle mirrors that easily affix to your handlebars. Great for children and adults...
Wrapping Bicycle Bell
From creative bike accessory line, Charly—a name which means "bicycle" in Japanese—this classic thumb-flick bell is as decorative as it is useful. Designed to look as if covered in wrapping paper, this elegant ringer is ready to make some noise.
FlyKly Smart Wheel
Cyclists have always been keen on the latest technological advancements for their trusty pedal-powered steeds. From adopting carbon fiber early on, to more recent integrations of electronic shifting, cycle-tech continues to advance. Some recent high...
Tube150 Limited Edition Oyster Card Holders
To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the London Underground, TfL commissioned 10 UK designers to apply their talents to an Oyster Card holder. Created in collaboration with Designjunction and Outline Editions, the limited edition range includes...
Budnitz Bicycles No.5
Since its inception in summer 2011, Budnitz Bicycles has garnered a notable following amongst design and cycle enthusiasts alike for their precision-built titanium bikes. Following in the tracks of their first four frame designs, today we see the...
Marc Newson. Works
Tracking Marc Newson's rise from student to superstar, Taschen's new monograph simply titled "Marc Newson. Works" promises to be the most complete catalogue of the designer's significant oeuvre. With text in English, French and German, the book chronologically...
Bicycle Portraits
While commuting by bike has long been a natural choice in countries like the Netherlands and China, other nations around the world are only just starting to consider it a serious mode of transportation. In South Africa bike culture is lacking—...
The network of transit apps now available has grown nearly as complicated as the oft daunting subway systems they were created to navigate. Certain New York-focused programs we've used have their strong points—New York Subway features an...
Yellow Circuit
During Milan's recent Design Week, it was hard not to miss Veuve Clicquot's presence in the city. Dubbing their project the Yellow Circuit, the revered champagne producers splashed their signature color in showrooms, exhibits and even on a trolley...
Five Spring Bicycles
There is no better way to celebrate warm weather than with a bike so we pulled together an assortment of this season's top commuters and cruisers, all well suited to riding to work or taking a casual spin through the park. Traitor Cycles' Luggernaut...
Like a stripped-down Segway, Inventist's new Solowheel is geared for the mobile urbanite. The "self-balancing electric unicycle" operates through gyroscopic technology, which a 1000-watt rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers. On a full charge...
Taxi of Tomorrow
NYC's cab of the future will soon be selected by Taxi of Tomorrow, a project dedicated to bringing innovative design to the next fleet of 13,237 iconic cabs consuming the city streets. The forthcoming official taxi has now been narrowed down to...
Property Of Panniers
A city synonymous with cycling, Amsterdam has already inspired one of its newest inhabitants, the Singapore-based Property Of, to tackle the task of stylishly transporting daily essentials while on two wheels. The solution comes on the heels of the...
Designer Marc Newson's prolific body of work spans everyday objects to total luxury, all executed with the utmost attention to detail, form and function. The latest exhibit dedicated to his output focuses on designs related to mobility and human...
Record Ace
Sure biking makes commuting more healthy and eco-friendly, but cyclists looking for almost frightening speed will like Raleigh's Record Ace, a bike that seems to catapult through streets. You can look good while careening too, thanks to the modern...
Cool Cars 4 Hire
With fares at peak prices, airport security an inescapably tedious process, and more and more car rental services reinventing the business, the latter option makes the road trip an increasingly attractive travel option. The London-based Cool Cars...
2010 Puma Bikes
With the anticipated launch of, Puma and Biomega introduce their newest generation of urban bikes. (CH has covered previous models produced in the collaboration.) Distilling the practical components of continental city and folding...
Chill Out
Whether trekking miles in the Grand Canyon with a six-pack or adventuring in the backyard, these coolers offer as many ways to enjoy a cool drink as there are places to sip them. The Cool Bottle ($35), a simple frosted decanter, comes in perfect...
Choosing the Right Electric Bike
If you're interested in biking to work, but not interested in arriving covered in sweat, posits Good, the electric bike might be for you. Electric bikes use batteries to ease the pedaling and give you that extra kick, much like biking downhill everywhere...
Bike Snob
The forthcoming witty guide to the world of cycling called "Bike Snob" is the brainchild of NYC's eponymous blogger. Choosing to remain anonymous, Bike Snob explains why the bicycle is truly a great invention (even the Amish use it) and takes his...
Human Subway Map
Good Magazine highlights a new illustration from Sam Loman that incorporates subway design into a map of the human body. The body shows urinary, digestive, arterial and respiratory lines, among many others, with stops at the liver, kidneys and...
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