Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. "Hair of The Dog" is Real Peer-reviewed scientific publication Journal of Pain (which sounds like an excellent album title) has reported that booze is a more effective painkiller than acetaminophen—which certainly explains why so many people...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Architect Zaha Hadid Dies at 65 Dame Zaha Hadid, widely considered one of the world’s greatest living architects, died at the age of 65 from a heart attack. Her sudden and shocking passing ends an award-winning career in which she produced...
CHV: Kawasaki Railcar Manufacturing Facility
In the second video in our series from Kawasaki's plant in Lincoln, Nebraska, we visit the company's railcar facility. While the brand is traditionally associated with the power-sports industry, they actually manufacture an enormous array of products...
"Say it Ain't Southern"
by Chermelle Edwards Fascinated with train culture and its resulting, reclusive history, Will Rhoten finds himself in the American crossroads of Dallas, Texas. Here, using Instagram as a tool, Rhoten documents the often unnoticed drawings and tags...
Blue Train: Pretoria to Cape Town
by Laura Feinstein One of the most iconic symbols of luxury in South Africa, the famous Blue Train line has spent the last 67 years taking visitors on an adventure through the country’s stunning and diverse scenery. Starting in Pretoria, the Blue...
Endbahnhof by Kate Seabrook
by Jason Kenny In 2011 Melbourne photographer Kate Seabrook moved back to Berlin looking for a new project. She found her muse in the 173 stations of the city's underground subway system, the U-Bahn. Aptly titling the series "Endbahnhof"—...
The Films of Charles and Ray Eames DVD Set
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Who is Bozo Texino?
One man's sixteen-year quest to track down the elusive artists of a moniker that's been appearing in railyards across America for 80-odd years is beautifully captured in the 56-minute documentary Who is Bozo Texino? The film debuted in 2005 and since...
The Shop at Cooper-Hewitt Kiosk
Travelers passing through Manhattan's Grand Central Terminal have an ideal reason to take a break from the busy commute with the Shop at Cooper-Hewitt's pop up kiosk, located near the Graybar Passage. Opened this month and scheduled to remain...