Best in Show Dog Toy
Made from sturdy cotton canvas and industrial-grade polypropelene rope, Mr Dog's "Best in Show" toy is not only guaranteed to make your pooch feel like a winner, it's also bound to last through countless puppy play dates. Co-created for the NYC-based...
Link About It: This Week's Pick
1. Harper Lee, Author of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ Has Died Few works of fiction have carried as much of a resounding impact as Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. Beyond its commercial success, the book introduced an array of beloved characters...
Gatcha Gatcha Bingo Set
Made in Japan, this charming Gatcha Gatcha bingo set comes complete with a drawstring bag, 50 wooden balls and 30 score sheets. Made for adults and kids (old enough not to swallow the pieces), it's a classic game in a modern form—and looks delightfully...
Mix + Match Animal Toys
These three-piece set of animal toys encourage children to learn, but also explore their own imaginations and storytelling skills. A giraffe, lion and elephant can become an elliaffe or giraliphant or whatever they'd like, thanks to interchangeable...
Tsumiki Balancing Triangles
Designed by Japanese architecture firm Kengo Kuma and Associates, these Tsumiki balancing triangles echo the playfulness of childhood games in a more refined form. Available in sets of seven, 13 or 22, the pieces can be stacked to create various architectural...
Roadster Scoot
With the clean lines associated with the zippiest vintage European race cars, Restoration Hardware's Roadster Scoot for kids is a beautiful toy car—that allows children between the ages of two and four to get behind the wheel and power it along. It...
Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Sharon Gauci's Colorful Picks
Who better than a color expert with great style to share some favorite colorful gifts? Our friend Sharon Gauci leads the global color and trim design team at GM and travels the world with her eyes on trend and hues. A recent conversation with her led...
Invisible Creature Stack and Scare
Uncle Goose lets imaginations soar with colorful blocks of monster parts and patterns. Made from sustainable Michigan-grown basswood, the blocks feature non-toxic ink and are made in the USA.
Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Imaginative Kids
The most charming thing about childhood, once you've passed beyond it, is how boundless it seems. There is no dream that seems unreasonable or unrealistic, all your wildest ones—whether it's riding on the back of a unicorn or traveling through time...
Handmade Nesting Dolls
Containing five different animals—including a lion, monkey and more—these handmade nesting dolls will encourage kids' imaginary jungle adventures. The cute characters are not only fun for play time, but also make for charming decor in little ones...
It's safe to say that the classic yellow and checkered New York City cab has entered the world of iconography. With Candylab Toys' "Candycab," there's a solid beechwood iteration worthy of the home. For kids who enjoy reenacting a good car chase, the...
Brass Tic Tac Toe Set
Tic Tac Toe has never been as classy—or adult—as with this Jonathan Adler iteration. Sculpted by Adler and his team in NYC's SoHo neighborhood, this set is made from marble and brass; with the pieces hand-polished to achieve a flashy sheen. The brass...
Superfight Classic Bundle
Superfight has taken the age old debate of "who would win in a fight?" and translated it into card-game form. Similar to Cards Against Humanity, players must build the most outrageous fighter from their hand (for example a pirate swinging a shark on...
Gift Guide: Games for Grown-Ups
Holidays are made for your inner child—the songs, the stories and the excitement—but kids of all ages should be allowed to be playful at any time of the year. Whether you're into speaking to spirits via a Ouija board, coloring in, building towers or...
Los Taburetes Game
Inspired by the way tree branches grow toward a light source, Spanish designer Pico Pau’s simple, stackable game called "Los Taburetes” challenges players to build and balance. Each game set comes with 12 miniature beech wood stools that users can...
Keith Haring Dominos
Made in France, this wooden domino set features bright and playful artwork by iconic NYC pop artist Keith Haring. With a non-toxic finish, the pieces are for all ages, but certainly more significant to those who understand the importance that Haring...
Toy Soap Bar
As a fun way to encourage their son to wash his hands before meals, Swedish couple Niklas Lagström and Marina Nilsson started "hiding" his toys in transparent soap bars. Handmade in Sweden, using vegetable based glycerin, Happy Soap is free of SLS...
Gold Playing Cards
Double-down on game night with Poketo's shiny set of Gold Playing Cards. The standard deck of cards is made from a durable plastic, so your winning hand will remain spill-proof even in the rowdiest game of Go Fish. Each set is made in Japan and comes...
Mini Shapemaker
Made from rubberwood—an environmentally friendly tropical hardwood—Miller Goodman's Mini Shapemaker is a collection of building blocks for young and old. Whether making an abstract work of art or a gravity-defying sculpture, these hand-printed blocks...
DIY Synth Kit
Injecting fun and excitement around electronics, circuitry and coding, Technology Will Save Us offers DIY kits that teach you how to build a solar-powered moisture-sensor for your plants, a portable speaker from everyday household objects, a game console...
DICK Card Game
DICK is at once a provocative party game and a retelling of Herman Melville's classic novel "Moby-Dick" or, "The Whale." In a mash-up of literature and lowbrow humor, the game positions direct quotations from Melville's often-suggestive text against...
Noshi Edible Food Paint for Kids
As a parent, it can be an endless struggle to get kids settled and fed at mealtime. All kids seem to want to do is play, which is why the team behind Noshi (Tomo Delaney and Pegi Gorelick) has come up with a way to trick kids into eating their...
Recycled Balinese Kite
Design collective Field Experiments resided in Ubud, Indonesia for three months for a not-so-typical design research trip. Immersing themselves in a community of local Balinese craftspeople, the team explored innovation and play during the design and...
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