YNOT Magnetica Everyday Backpack
YNOT was conceived as a locally made line of urban cycling gear by founder Tony Mammoliti, who was unsatisfied by what was available for riders. Since its launch in 2009, the Tortonto-based company has evolved into a dependable producer of durable...
Roots' Customizable Varsity Jackets
For over 40 years, family-owned Canadian apparel and accessories brand Roots has produced top quality, hand-crafted apparel and accessories with comfort in mind. Now, they're letting customers voice their own aesthetic choices with a customizable...
Future You Zine
With short stories by Nada Alic, artwork by Andrea Nakhla and photos from Angela Lewis all wrapped up in a package designed by Nik Ewing (of the band Local Natives), the new zine "Future You" is a thoughtful and perfectly oddball publication that...
Roots XL Collection
Classic pieces, done exceptionally well, are hard to beat—especially when it comes to sweats. After consistently releasing some of the best sportswear in the world (including several runs of Winter Olympics uniforms for their home nation Canada...
Word of Mouth: Toronto
Much more than just Canada's most populous city, Toronto bustles with international and culturally affluent inhabitants, alongside plenty of surprises. We once explored its soul food scene, but that's just one aspect of the city's stellar dining...
Interview: Gary Taxali
Art and commerce are traditionally thought of as opposing forces. Of course, this is especially true for artists who's work lands on both advertisements and gallery walls. Finding inspiration from commercial work while maintaining a sense of integrity...
Sex Oil
Sex Oil from Toronto-based Province Apothecary doesn't hide behind any vague adjectives or cute lingo. The name is as clear as the oil's list of ingredients, blending coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, evening primrose oil, GMO-free vitamin E and more...
Trout Rainwear
While visiting the Westcomb factory in Vancouver, BC earlier last month we happened upon a stack of classic-looking raincoats being sewn by hand. After further inspection, it was revealed that the brand was in fact Trout; a Toronto-based women...
Soma Chocolatemaker
There's something about cold weather and comfort food that go hand-in-hand and any excuse to enjoy more chocolate is a welcome one, so it was a pleasure to indulge in some of the best from Toronto's SOMA Chocolatemaker. Opting for small-batch production...
Word of Mouth: Toronto Soul Food
by Ryan B. Patrick Befitting Toronto's large size and multicultural makeup, the types of cuisine one might find in the energetic northern metropolis are as diverse as they are flavorful. As counterintuitive as it may seem, the city is home to an impressive...
Alex Josephson, Pooya Baktash and their fellow architects at Toronto-based Partisans are engaging in architectural guerrilla warfare. They want your attention and, most likely, they'll get it as they poke, prod, shock and awe you into changing the...
Niall McClelland
Niall McClelland's art may be rooted in the subcultures of graffiti and punk rock, but its roughness has been refined through a well executed artistic process. His highly sought after "Tapestry" series includes large-scale works which are made by...
New Restaurants for Meatheads
Charcuterie may not be what first springs to mind when thinking about Toronto, but Canada's major metropolis is quickly becoming a destination point for carnivores seeking fresh cured meats. Two restaurants making their individual marks, The Black...
We've all heard of BC bud (for those who haven't, it's the especially potent marijuana grown in Canada's British Columbia province), but how about BC bangs or a BC bowl cut? At Lightheaded, a new secret salon in Toronto, hairstylist Uli sits customers...
Kern: A Retrospective
For the month of May, Toronto's Studio Gallery presents the work of world-renowned artist Richard Kern with his first solo exhibition in Canada and his first full-career retrospective, "Kern: A Retrospective Exhibition Featuring the Photography...
Written and directed by filmmaking team Corey Adams and Alex Craig, the new adventure comedy "Machotaildrop" tells a story positioning skateboarding not just as merely a trivial pastime of the young, but rather as a noble pursuit worthy of the highest...
Frank Restaurant
Designed by and named after the iconic architect Frank Gehry, Toronto's Frank makes a tasty complement to the beautiful buildings of the Art Gallery of Ontario that houses it. The stunningly chic interior design is a work of art in its own right...
Studio Junction
Toronto-based Studio Junction is attempting to create affordable living space for a family of four in what once was a warehouse in industrial Toronto. Reclaiming urban space by in-filling blighted industrial neighborhoods is nothing new. But creating...
Ryan McGinness: New Shows and Books
The NYC-based artist Ryan McGinness, known for his graphic-inspired art, is a super busy guy. He has every day scheduled until mid-2010 — just thinking about his numerous upcoming shows and books, all due out by year's end, leaves us...
Alsop's Filmport
British architect Will Alsop's design for the new Filmport complex in Toronto has just been unveiled and is set to be one of the largest film studios on the North American continent. The building is a giant sectional arc, its outer face wrapped...
CULTURE A Virtual Guide
Planning a visit to Canada's largest city? Look no further than , Toronto's visual search engine, to set you up with a personal tour. Taking you on a simulated 3-D city excursion, is touted as "the world's first and...
Scott McFarland: Works on Paper
Vancouver photographer Scott McFarland uses his pictures to rethink the traditional concept of a photograph as a single moment in time. By photographing the same location in the same scale over a period of time, he uses digital technology to combine...
Sarah Anne Johnson at Stephen Bulger Gallery
Sarah Anne Johnson’s second extended project, The Galapagos Project, is based on ecological volunteer tourism in the Galapagos Islands. Like her first highly acclaimed project Tree Planting, she continues to explore the themes of...
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Art Poster Auction
Six 4' x 6' prints from the recent Bridge multimedia event in Toronto are being auctioned off. The prints, all original and one-of-a-kind, are from UPSO, Mauro Gatti, Geoff Lillemon (Oculart), Jared Tarbell, Steven Crowhurst, and Jemma Hostetler...