Unexpected Additions to Punch Up Your Thanksgiving Meal
Of course there is great joy, nostalgia and ease to the fact that Thanksgiving dinner stays the same year after year for many people. We aren't suggesting anyone ditch the bird or the mashed potatoes but the following eight items can either be incorporated...
The Thanksgiving Reader
We're approaching that time of the year many people come to dread for its airport travel clogs and the political arguments that await at dinner. Thanksgiving is just T-minus 10 days and this year, entrepreneur and blogger Seth Godin suggests a...
Gillette Clear Gel's No Sweat Test Thanksgiving
When considering what we think of as a powerful deodorant, one's mind often envisions sports or other high-endurance scenarios where physicality triggers perspiration. But, with stress and heat as stimulants for sweat, there's no better place to...
Harold Burrage: You Eat Too Much
'Tis the season in the USA, when it's time to gather around, give thanks and load up our plates. Holiday tunes of the Thanksgiving variety are in short order, but thanks to the Chicago blues and soul singer Harold Burrage, we have a track to toast...
It's Decorative Gourd Season Mug
You know what time it is, so get the motherf*ckin' mug and celebrate. Simple and sturdy, it'll warm you up all though the season and beyond.
While learning how to properly brine and prepare a Thanksgiving turkey during a cooking class at the new Prospect restaurant in Brooklyn we also had the pleasure of discovering Switchel, an "American heritage" beverage from Vermont. The restaurant...
Holiday Recipes: Winter Tabbouli
In anticipation of the various gatherings that occur around this time of year, we've pulled together five of our favorite cookbooks from recent months. Each day this week, CH will feature a different cookbook and a recipe, the sum of which will make...