The Story of Emoji
As a former senior writer at Creative Review and the co-founder of London-based illustration agency Outline Artists (and CH contributor), Gavin Lucas’ professional career bridges communication and illustration. That combination makes him well-suited...
Earthmate PN-60w
Projected to hit stores this summer, the DeLorme's Earthmate PN-60w combines GPS mapping technology with satellite messaging for the utmost in convenience and reliability. Using DeLorme's Spot technology, the Earthmate delivers messages via email...
Event Based Mobile Participation, by Upoc Networks
Here at Upoc Networks we're proud to announce that participants have sent over 1 million messages during the event based mobile promotions that we've enabled this year. By voting for the MVP of a ball game or sending picture messages to the...
The Hello World Project
The Helloworld Project is a global interactive text installation combining language, landscapes and communication technology to create a visual dialogue. From December 9-12, 2003, people from all over the world will be invited to send in messages...
SMS Search -MojoKnows
MOJOKNOWS is an SMS based question and answer site. They claim to be the Google of SMS. You send them a question, they send you an answer and pay per question. When you ask a question, the number of question marks you put at the end determine the...