Sculpture Blanket
LA-based art brand BFGF has fun with their not-so-typical blankets inspired by "transcendent experiences, the internet, snacks, and both tropical and desert landscapes." The digitally woven blankets depict scenes like "a babe transcending time and...
Handcrafted Jaguar-undi Bags
At this year's Pitch Night, we got hands-on with the bags of Jaguar-undi—a family-run start-up that sources traditional textiles from various regions across the Americas (Latin and South) and stitches them together into unique handcrafted bags. Their...
Kustaa Saksi for Marimekko Spring 2015
Few brands garner instant recognition with just a glance at a single pattern, but Marimekko is surely one of them. The beloved Finnish label—first made popular in the US in the swinging '60s—is a longtime favorite for their bright yet tasteful home...
Wrong For Hay's Design and Dine
"Food is a major part of my life," British designer Sebastian Wrong tells us while sitting in the back garden of the new Hay and Wrong for Hay showroom in London's historic St James's neighborhood. Like many urban dwellers, Wrong is also fascinated...
Kathrin Von Rechenberg's Tea Silk
Tea silk considered one of the most well-preserved gems in Chinese silk craftsmanship. Originating from the Ming Dynasty, this fabric was once considered the most luxurious silk. The '30s became the gilded age for xiangyunsha (the Chinese name for...
Studio Visit: Textile Designer Mae Engelgeer
Amsterdam textile designer Mae Engelgeer creates such visually striking elements of home decor that she can even command attention when her product is situated on the ground among a flurry of journalists, critics and peers at the annual hubbub known...
Handmade Koro Kimonos
Outside of traditional celebrations and period dramas, kimonos aren't often worn in the Western world. And yet, the comfort of the wrap and its classic design are so widely recognized and loved. With Koro Kimono, Sophie Hart-Walsh and Tara Postma...
Bright Bedding from Australia's Kip & Co
Australia's Kip & Co creates colorful, spirited and youthful bed linens—and towels, rugs and even beanbags. From cartoon pizza representations to rainbow scribbles, the prints are just playful enough without overdoing it. The team, composed of two...
Milan Design Week 2014: The Quietly Colorful Home
From fashion to photography to furniture, recent years have seen a shift in the creative world's overarching palette from highly saturated primary colors to a soft range of light corals, sea foams, baby blues, pale yellows and pinks. Some tones lean...
Iceland's HiddenWorld Textiles
While Iceland is probably best known for its majestic scenery and interesting culinary traditions, the island nation's largest cities are marked by the stoic architecture of Guðjón Samúelsson, an imposing designer that stood as Iceland's state architect...
Erin Lightfoot Jewelry
While her textile designs are currently impressing attendees at Brisbane, Australia's Seven With Another Retrospective—a biannual art exhibition presented by Powerhouse Arts, where seven teams of two artists each create and display work together...
by Emily Bihl Travel is a hugely inspirational force for textile designer Emilie Cacace, and it leads to much more than gorgeous Instagram photos of remarkable locales. Cacace’s brand Andéol utilizes natural materials picked up from her travels...
Bibu Animal Cushions
These sweet animals, created by Spanish designer Yuly Monsanto for her label Bibu, can be used as a pillow, teddy bear or just decorative cushion. Made from 100% soft cotton with a colorful print on the back, they are light and bright and created with...
La Chasse | The Hunt
There's a rich, masculine beauty to the two new lines of decorative pillows from home décor brand La Chasse | The Hunt. Having gained attention for developing custom products for interior design, architecture and development firms, LaChasse describes...
Ora Ïto Mobility Collection
While navigating the endless aisles of tech brands—both young and old—at CES last week, we came across Ora Ïto, a design-driven accessory brand we first noticed back in 2006. Led by celebrated French industrial designer Ita Morabito (aka Ora Ïto...
Delikatessen Clothing
A shared admiration of well-tailored form and exceptional fabrics, stemming from a chance encounter at Barcelona–El Prat Airport in 2004, led Andrzej Lisowski and Stephen Hartog to co-found Delikatessen. Remarkably, it was just a five-minute conversation...
Cool Hunting Video: Upstate
We first came across Upstate back in 2010 and were intrigued by their intricate tie-dyed run of flowing garments. Recently, we had the chance to revisit the duo behind the dye at their studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We gained some insight into...
Two's one-of-a-kind caftans are perfect for stylishly padding around home or covering up at the beach. Designed by Brooklyn's Monica Patel-Cohn, the handmade caftans come in a number of colors in fabrics that were hand-loomed in India.
Interview: Minna Kemell-Kutvonen and Sami Ruotsalainen
As the Helsinki-based brand gears up to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its iconic Unikko (poppy) print, Marimekko is still very much the prolific and relevant design house that it was when it was founded by Viljo and Armi Ratiain in 1951. The...
Boro—The Fabric of Life
Around a month ago I had the privilege of visiting Sri, a private gallery owned by Stephen Szczepanek that houses an incredible archive of rare vintage Japanese textiles. While the experience was educational and fascinating, it did little to curb...
Interview: Andrea Buglione of TOTHEM
The relationship between photography and fashion is very strong today, in particular when it comes to T-shirts. Sometimes the link is purely opportunistic and instrumental, but other times it’s an authentic and deep bond. This is the case with...
Apparatus Studio and Zak + Fox
This weekend at ICFF the creative pair behind the lighting design studio Apparatus, Gabriel Hendifar and partner Jeremy Anderson, showed off the 15 pieces in their second collection of modern lighting fixtures made from artfully aged materials. They...
Since its inception in December 2012, Kiriko—a joint project between graphic designer Dawn Yanagihara and Compound Gallery owner Katsu Tanaka—has taken off. A mere four months after Yanagihara and Tanaka decided to start producing handmade scarves...
Sourcing Vintage Textiles with Hickoree's
Japanese textiles, and denim in particular, have been a long-standing obsession of mine—long-standing, but somewhat uneducated. With the goal of schooling myself on these beautiful and ancient materials, I recently joined Emil Corsillo and Mitch...
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