Tentsile Tree Tents
Try to name a few common headaches of sleeping in a tent and they'll likely all point to one problem: the ground. Rocky surfaces make it tough to pick a suitable spot while runoff from rain can seep in from below—and don’t forget about snakes and...
Beckel Canvas Outdoor Products
by Adrienne So On a bright, sunny day in May, we traveled to bustling SE Clinton Street in Portland, Oregon to visit Beckel Canvas Products. Today, this stretch of road is thickly populated with buzzy restaurants, high-end vintage shops and...
Trillium Hammock
This isn't your typical hammock. UK-based Tentsile's 80 square foot Trillium model comfortably fits three adults and bears a maximum weight of 880 pounds. Utilizing seatbelt material and a high-strength ratchet system, the Trillium sets up in minutes...
Hyperlite Mountain Gear Shelters
The backpacker's quest for lighter and stronger gear is seemingly endless—and for good reason. When you're a three-day walk into the wilderness, every ounce counts and equipment failure isn't an option. Maine-based Hyperlite Mountain Gear first caught...
Two Man Tent
Built for enjoying the outdoors and easy camp vibes, the latest "Rainbro" color update to Poler's original Two Man Tent is nothing short of fun and function. Designed to fit two adults (or one and a faithful four-legged friend), the tent comes...
The RugRat from TheTentLab
For those looking to get the most out of camping, it's essential to not skimp on your shelter. While cheap tents will get you through a few weekends here and there, going the extra mile and shelling out for a premium tent will not only make for a...
Tentipi Shelters
A basic need like shelter is often best met by a simple design. Enter the nordic vibes of Tentipi, a Swedish tent company inspired by the nomadic, indigenous Sámi people's katas—structures that can withstand the worst weather the Arctic can muster...
Three Rooftop Tents for Summer Adventures
For those looking to hit the road for summertime adventures, there's no better piece of gear than a rooftop tent. Mounting onto a vehicle's roof rack, these longtime safari favorites are finding their way more and more into the casual consumer market...
Amok's Draumr, the Tent-Hammock Hybrid
There's no better time to hit the outdoors for a bit of peace and quiet than the early stages of summer. Tourist hotspots aren't yet (completely) overrun and the warm weather still has novelty on its side. If you're trying to catch your share of...
The Meriwether Tent from Shelter Co. Supply
With temperatures rising and the sun staying up into the evening hours in the Northern Hemisphere, the time is right to head to get back to nature. If seeking the most tech-savvy ultralight alpine gear isn't your vibe, there's the Meriwether tent...
Share Outdoor Equipment with GearCommons
GearCommons is a simple—nonetheless long-overdue—concept for outdoor enthusiasts: a peer-to-peer network in which people who own gear can connect with people who need it, and can circulate their specialized and oftentimes expensive equipment for...
Part of the joy of outdoor gear is nerding out over technical details like waterproofing and making sure everything is ultra-lightweight down to the gram. However, when your outdoor excursions don't involve weeklong trips in the backcountry or summiting...
Off Piste: A Ride Across America, Part 3 of 5
As we continue on with the week-long coverage of our recent cross-country motorcycle trip, we introduce a wealth of camping gear used during the 10-day journey. When not riding—or looking in the mirror to ensure we had that "motorcycle guy" look...
Off The Grid at Gallery R'Pure
If glamorous camping is "glamping," does that make designer camping "damping?" Whatever you call the pristine, outdoors-inspired objects in "Off the Grid"—the collaboration between designer François Chambard of UM Project and artist and designer...
Tree Tents
Specializing in designing lighting solutions, design group Luminair recently unveiled their first shelters, fantastical suspended Tree Tents. The product of three years' work, Tree Tents provide an intriguing model for sustainable wildlife housing...
Lightweight Outdoor Essentials
When trekking hundreds of miles even the slightest reduction in carry weight can increase efficiency and longevity on the trail. In the ongoing effort to minimize pack impact many companies have begun experimenting with new materials unconventional...