Alert Umbrella
After successfully crowdfunding their Alert Umbrella, Davek New York is back on Kickstarter with the Alert Mini and Alert Grande. The two new models are built from the same DNA as the original (which packs a tracking chip into an incredibly sturdy...
Firefly 2 Vaporizer
The latest iteration of the Firefly vaporizer, the Firefly 2, packs up to 420° of vaporizing power into a sleek device that’s 55 percent lighter and 33 percent smaller. It employs touch sensors to operate and a unique dynamic convection heating system...
Bump Mobile Power Bank
For some, having a mobile power bank is as essential as a phone itself, and thanks to the new Bump, there’s finally an attractive, user-friendly option. Bump eliminates the hassle of tangled cords and cables by combining a battery pack and wall-mounted...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. How Income Inequality Led to the Creation of Monopoly While Monopoly may be the world’s best-known board game, the story behind its creation has long been shrouded in mystery—until now. A man named Charles Darrow is usually the one credited...
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