Panacea Prola Butterfly
From the Netherlands' taxidermy and entomology hub, de Museum Winkel, comes a stunning array of stuffed butterflies—including this bright blue Panacea prola. Originating in Peru, this insect, known also as the red flasher or Prola beauty, stretches...
Magnificent Objects: The Artist as Collector
The latest exhibition at London art gallery and cultural center Barbican takes a deeper look at the fascination with collecting items (be it art, postcards, cookie jars or taxidermied animals) that unites a number of post-war and contemporary artists...
Marimekko Mr Roes
Designer Kirsty Anderson creates a wood nymph's fantasy world with her repurposed fabric-covered vintage pieces. Having scooped up a bounty of Marimekko fabric in Helsinki, she introduces the diminutive Mr Roe, a bright and chipper patterned bust...
Conventional Wisdom: World Taxidermy & Fish Carving Championships
We recently took you to the Association of Lincoln Presenters annual assembly, by way of photographer Arthur Drooker's camera lens. Drooker has been dropping by some of the convention industry's most eccentric gatherings in an effort to capture never...
The Breathless Zoo
Taxidermy has risen in the contemporary design scene over recent years, mounted on the walls of shops and restaurants as well as defining a certain throwback aesthetic in modern homes. The venerable form of animal preservation marries actual scientific...
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
A collection of new works opens today at the David Zwirner Gallery in New York City, showcasing the creative talents of Adel Abdessemed. The Algerian-born artist tackles a range of materials and mediums in a collection focusing on themes of violence...
Cool Hunting Capsule Video: Zoomorphic Collection
by Michael Tyburski In this video we catch up with Emma Hawkins, co-curator of the 2010 Hawkins Zoomorphic Collection exhibit in London. Put together in association with her father J.B. Hawkins, a 40-year-veteran of the antique industry, the collection...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Peter Varga Concept Bicycles Beginning with a Master's Degree project in 2007, Slovakian designer Peter Varga has continued each year to produce unconventionally intelligent bikes. Highlighted on Selectism, Varga's bikes have won several awards...
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