"Ren Hang" Celebrates the Chinese Photographer's Work
Update 24 February 2017: tragically, it's been reported that Ren Hang has passed away aged just 29 years old. Shooting on film, photographer Ren Hang captures his friends in trees and rivers in the woods, in his apartment and on the roofs of buildings...
Bob Mizer's Two-Volume "AMG: 1000 Model Directory"
Taschen's forthcoming "Bob Mizer. AMG: 1000 Model Directory" two-volume tome is far more than a collection of over 1000 hunky, near-nude bodybuilders and celebrities. (Though, that's definitely part of the allure.) Within both volumes, one bears witness...
Interview: Photographer Michael Muller
LA-based photographer Michael Muller has captured celebrities (including Rihanna for her album cover Unapologetic) to mutants and superheroes (the movie posters for "X-Men Apocalypse" and "Captain America: Civil War" to name a few), but the most fascinating...
"Expanding Universe: Photographs from the Hubble Space Telescope"
Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Hubble Telescope's launch into low-Earth orbit, "Expanding Universe" (published by Taschen) is 255 pages of super high-resolution images taken from the telescope. The mesmerizing colors, shapes and textures within...
Seven Beautiful New Books on Design
With the prevalence of design imagery circulating the internet, and many people mixing and matching from centuries of aesthetic developments on their own Pinterest boards, sometimes we all need a reminder that there are experts out there. Nothing speaks...
Graphic designer Ludovic Houplain and his partners François Alaux and Hervé de Crécy of H5 agency made a splash in 2009 when they produced a short film depicting a world composed entirely out of logos. The 16-minute film, "Logorama...
36 Hours: 125 Weekends in Europe
With thousands of years of history and art, as well as a multitude of restaurants and shops to consider, planning a trip to Europe can be a monstrous task. To help, The New York Times has again come together with Taschen to create a book based on...
The Little Book of Big Breasts and The Little Book of Big Penis
Whatever your persuasion, two of Taschen's upcoming releases are sure to keep you satisfied. The Little Book of Big Breasts and The Little Book of Big Penis pack a punch in just 192 palm-sized pages. The 4.7 x 6.5-inch book is discrete enough...