Personalized Daily Vitamin Pack
Made from the highest quality ingredients, Care/of vitamins and supplements are tailored to your needs and delivered to your door each month. All you need to do is take a quick survey online about your health, concerns and goals. This is a subscription...
Care/of Personalized Daily Vitamin Pack
A number of blockades stand in the way of committing to a daily dose of vitamins and supplements, including the lack of reliable information and guidance. Aisles of options can be daunting, searching on the internet can be inconclusive, and it...
Skintox Beauty Food
Rather than just slathering lotions and potions on your skin, it's common knowledge that a healthy diet and lots of water can help with your complexion. Wellness on the inside oftentimes is coupled with an outer glow. Raw Complexions' Skintox Beauty...
Voke Tab: Pocket-Sized Energy Boost
When Kalen Caughey was a high school student and avid skier at Steamboat Mountain School in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, he encountered a mechanical problem that many an extreme athlete has faced before: his coffee kept spilling. In search of a...
Healthy Skoop
It's almost impossible to ingest all the superfoods we've been instructed to eat on a daily basis. There aren't enough meals in the day—and even if there were, not all of the listed produce are readily available. Skoop is changing that and they're...
Though new to the market as a clever way of thinking about canine supplements, K-10+ seems like a product that should already exist. The line of dog-friendly vitamins is the brainchild of NYC-based photographer Ryan Singer, who developed the range...
Nativas Naturals
Borrowing their name from the Latin word for energy, Navitas Naturals makes the best in exotic organic and raw superfoods packaged in equally refreshing zip-top bags. The Marin County, CA-based company's 24 functional foods have seemingly unlimited...
Sport Beans
In the same vein as Gummi bear vitamins for kids and hair gel that looks like a Listerine strip comes another interesting half-breed: Performance Candy. Sport Beans are jelly beans that are "formulated with carbohydrates, electrolytes, and vitamins...
Dr. Becker's Bites dog and cat treats
CH is always on the lookout for quality, natural dog treats. These crisps are made from beef liver and kidney with garlic and vitamin E supplement. That's all. No fillers, grains or other creepy stuff. Created by Karen Becker, DVM, they are a...