Speed Dating Hamburg's Start-Up Community
Trailers line a side street in the St. Pauli district of Hamburg. Sitting inside each are representatives from emerging companies in the city's start-up scene, ready to present to investors and journalists alike for a quick five minutes. This is...
In an age of technology during which eye vision can be corrected in 10 minutes, prosthetic limbs are breaking ground in sensory feedback and computers can be controlled by brains, we're surprisingly lacking in the orthotics department—an area that...
Beep Music
Music streaming services such as to Pandora, Spotify and the just-launched Beats Music are no longer newfangled "apps of the moment," but have become the standard way of listening to music. While new apps and services for listening to and discovering...
Skydrop Sprinkler Controller
Last week, the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was filled with tech companies showing off their latest and greatest. While many booths featured updates to previously existing products, we stopped by one start-up that caught our eye, as...
Parke Active Denim
After funding their first selvedge denim jeans with a successful Kickstarter campaign in early 2013, NYC-based Parke is at it again with a more innovative idea in mind: A pair of raw denim jeans woven with one percent elastane for enough stretch...
Originally from Sydney, Australia, Andrew Green only arrived in the States recently—in 2011—but has accomplished quite a lot in the last two years. Thanks to his background as a touring DJ and music journalist, Green honed his people skills that...
Interview: Natasia Guo
In recent years e-commerce has been booming at light-speed in China. Shoppers have quickly become familiar with online wonderlands like Taobao that suck you in as you start looking for an air purifier, only to lose track of time browsing design replicas...