Light Denim for Spring
The world of denim is a wide one to say the least. With roots in workwear, the fabric staple has become a casual (and more recently) everyday wardrobe standby. The myriad types of denim, along with the range of cuts and colors is a continual source...
Aztech Mountain's Team Reversible Fleece
The changing of seasons means recalibrating daily wardrobe essentials. While those akin to flexing their fashion muscles welcome the cooler temperatures of fall, spring is often another story. Here in NYC, spring is the time when temperatures rise...
Four Creative Clocks to Spring Forward
Daylight saving time, as we know it, is thanks in large part to one man in New Zealand who wanted a bit of extra daylight for his hobbies. George Vernon Hudson worked as a clerk at the Wellington post office, but his passion was in entomology, astronomy...
Veteran designer Lie Sang Bong has been injecting the avant-garde into the bloodstream of Korean fashion since the '80s. Now his son, Lee Chung Chung—a Central Saint Martins alum—takes the reins in his own offshoot, LIE. Having made its debut in 2013...
Naomi Nutcracker
Banish the misery of cramped-up nutcracking hands and messy piles of shells from your life with Take2 Design's Naomi Nutcracker. The process is simple: place the nut under the nifty-looking coil, hold the base with one hand and then ready, aim, fire...
Cool Hunting Holiday Gift Guides 2014
For the 2014 holiday season, Cool Hunting worked with several like-minded purveyors to create four gift guides tailored to a range of tastes. You can find these in our newly redesigned Buy section, which serves as a continuously updated, perennial...
Gauze Scarf
A collaboration from socially motivated lifestyle brand Apolis and Ace Hotels' creative studio Atelier Ace, these indigo stripe gauze scarves with fringed edges are made with hand-loomed 100% organic cotton from Nazaret, Ethiopia. The project helps...
Spring Gardening Gear
Everyone can be a gardener with a little effort, proper scheduling and a dedicated plot of land. Whether or not you're interested in toying with orach or purple tree collards, or having your plants tweet, maybe this is the year you dig in. The following...
Rapha SS14 Hooded Wind Jacket
Like the groans and gripes that winter will never release its grasp, the temperatures around NYC (and the Northern Hemisphere in general) have finally begun to ease up. While T-shirt weather is still some time away, now is the right time to bring...
10 Shirts and Shorts
A style once reserved for cubicle jockeys and gas station attendants, the short sleeve button-down has picked up speed in the menswear market in recent years. And shorts? Well, they've always been popular. To celebrate the recent uptick in temperature...
DQM Mayfield Anorak
Thriving in a city where style trends come and go in a matter of minutes isn't easy, but DQM does it with ease—as seen in their new spring 2013 collection, launched today 17 April. Included are a few button downs, camp caps and even some pants, but...
Alite Designs Squirrel Pack
Operating under the belief that getting outside should be fun and easy rather than intimidating, San Francisco-based outdoors company Alite Designs foregoes expensive, specialized gear for woodsy pursuits in favor of the lightweight Squirrel Pack...
Five Steps to Spring Style from Gilt
Advertorial Content: Spring is finally peeking out from behind the clouds here in NYC and the mercury is slowly rising across the hemisphere. Welcoming warmer weather means more than just shedding layers—your wardrobe can look forward to a lighter...
CH Gift Guide: Get Outside
Spring has been slow to emerge for much of the world, but longer and slightly sunnier days are starting to spark the urge to play outside. Whether you're itching to bike, boat, picnic or party in the open air, we've got gifts for you and yours to enjoy...
Cool Hunting Spring 2012 Playlist
As we've found out the hard way in NYC, spring can often be an unwelcoming start to summer. Sunny one minute and raining the next, the juggling of temperatures can really drag down any premature warm weather celebrations. So while you're still deciding...
Notable Fiction
While the Huffington Post blazed the way for new media winning a Pulitzer Prize on Monday, the literary world was stunned by the board's refusal to name a Fiction winner for the first time since 1977. They did, however, reveal the three finalists...
In follow-up to "Tender", his dedicated volume on vegetables, London-based food writer Nigel Slater turns to the fruit section of his garden in "Ripe". The beautifully photographed tome serves as a comprehensive primer on 23 types of fruit and...
Spring Ties
With Spring dawning in half the world—including at CH HQ in NYC—we've been inspired to brighten up our warmer weather attire to the match the early blossoms. After searching for Spring-ready neckwear, we have gathered together a selection...
Crap Eyewear
"Wild sunglasses for wild people," Crap Eyewear exudes the Southern California beach bum lifestyle with plenty of personality to go with it. What started as a side project among friends several years ago has developed into a complete collection...
Symmetry Scarves
For a contemporary spin on the traditional wrap scarf, check out Los Angeles label Symmetry. Function balanced with quality make up this emerging accessory brand's latest collection. Drawing on their shared affinity for scarves, the husband-and...
Khakis for Spring
Whether you're more obsessed with the color (khaki literally translates from Persian as "dusty") or the breeziness of chino fabric, the simple versatility of the tan cotton pant makes it an enduring staple. Like many menswear classics, the utilitarian...
Athletics Far East Chino
Turning a working-stiff staple into a highly-technical pant, Nike's new forward-thinking chino reminds us why Nike remains a benchmark for everyday athletic wear. Ever improving on current designs, this latest rendition of Nike Sportswear's previously...
Five Spring Bicycles
There is no better way to celebrate warm weather than with a bike so we pulled together an assortment of this season's top commuters and cruisers, all well suited to riding to work or taking a casual spin through the park. Traitor Cycles' Luggernaut...
MoMA Spring/Summer 2011 Preview, Part II
With over 125 products included in the new collection, selecting favorites from the MoMA Spring/Summer 2011 preview is no easy feat. In Part I, we sorted it out by limiting our picks to "things that look like other things," but here you'll find a more...
MoMA Spring/Summer 2011 Preview, Part I
While the MoMA store's product preview always has us excited for the shopping year ahead, a few designs stood out for their "faux" ingenuity. Below are nine objects cleverly designed to resemble other objects, making for a new way to enjoy an old favorite...