Interview: Fabriano Fabbri
If we exclude photographic books and classic essays, it's difficult to find a truly interesting publication about fashion. This is not the case with "L'orizzonte degli Eventi," or "The Event Horizon," recently written by professor Fabriano Fabbri...
Echoes Of Voices In High Towers
If designer James Victore is right and advertisers do think you're stupid, artist Robert Montgomery shows where they're missing out. His poetic text-based works—which he typically plasters across existing billboards—are hardly dumbed...
My Winnipeg
The first in a series of shows exposing smaller towns as undiscovered creative hubs, "My Winnipeg" highlights noteworthy artists inhabiting the world's coldest city. Put on by Paris' Maison Rouge Gallery, each exhibit is twofold, serving as both...
Marcelo Coelho
Boasting a list of innovations of sci-fi proportions, designer and researcher Marcelo Coelho paints a future that is both accessible and immediate. Referencing daily materials and human behavior, Coelho creates objects that feel technologically tailored...
South African Township Barbershops & Salons
Like so many underdeveloped places, South Africa's townships (often written off by tourists as undesirable and dangerous) have long been rich sources of legendary music and culture. As explored in British photographer Simon Weller's beautiful new...
Eric Tabuchi
Upon first glance Eric Tabuchi's photographs merely feature disgraceful gas stations lost in no man's land, Chinese restaurants in improbable settings and skate parks where dull gray tones consume the entire landscape. His subjects seem like superfluous...