Jewnion Label
The brainchild of husband-and-wife team Joshua and Stacey Abarbanel, Jewnion Label is a witty take on vintage union label design coupled with a love of Jewish culture. Joshua (a fine artist who honed his handyman skills as a teen doing apartment...
Spam Shirt
Spam Shirt is a site dedicated to making your own custom spamified t-shirts. You pick the colors and the phrase or enter your own, and $25 later you have your very own VãLIUM AND X.ANAX SUPERSAVINGS spam shirt.
My Body Is My Billboard
Call For Entries OPENSOURCE, an alternative art space accommodating a variety of non-traditional, community-oriented art projects and events within Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, requests submissions for an upcoming exhibition and sale of artists'...
Twice Shy
All of Twice Shy's T-shirts have a random fortune sewn into the sleeve and many of the designs have subtle political messages (or not so subtle). The biggest statement they make, however, is with the fabric they've chosen to use; all of Twice...
Jenny Holzer: For New York City
A big thank you to Creative Time for bringing the brilliance of Jenny Holzer to NYC. Jenny Holzer returns to New York City to launch her first public art project here in over a decade. The project consists of her first xenon projections in the...
Lowercase Tee
Lowercase Tee makes clean and simple kids Ts. Right now they're featuring 2 new designs with political messages for grown ups. Mommy wants a new President and I wouldn't vote for Bush if I were you are each available in red or navy with white...
Baby Politico
Because activism starts early, there's Baby Politico . These onsies and t-shirts are 100% cotton, sweatshop free and American made (sounds like American Apparel to me) and come with a range of important political statements. I'm too young to...