So This Is Permanence
"This is Permanence" reveals the personal writings of Joy Division songwriter and frontman Ian Curtis in a beautiful cloth-bound anthology. Curtis committed suicide in 1980, and the insightful book includes a foreword by his widow, Deborah, as well...
Interview: JIHAE
Many singers these days produce albums that have been laboriously groomed and primped—from almost-too-perfect Autotuned vocals to the overly airbrushed album cover—so it's refreshing to meet a singer and songwriter with a sultry voice and raw energy...
Marques Toliver: Land of CanAan
A debut album set in motion by busking from New York to Belgium, many factors play into the soulful joy of Marques Toliver's Land of CanAan. Chance, talent, a voice and a violin have mingled, coalescing into a new sub-genre of rhythm and blues and...
Pearl and the Beard
At the close of a recent show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, Jocelyn Mackenzie of Brooklyn-based band Pearl and the Beard held a screen-printed poster before a stupefied, packed house. Foregoing the disposable medium of CDs or LPs, the band...