Interview: Singer/Songwriter Julien Baker at Outside Lands
Julien Baker took the stage on a chilly August day in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. She walked out on the huge stage alone with her hollow-body Telecaster and played her first notes. The usually rowdy Outside Lands festival crowd stood quietly...
So This Is Permanence
"This is Permanence" reveals the personal writings of Joy Division songwriter and frontman Ian Curtis in a beautiful cloth-bound anthology. Curtis committed suicide in 1980, and the insightful book includes a foreword by his widow, Deborah, as well...
Interview: JIHAE
Many singers these days produce albums that have been laboriously groomed and primped—from almost-too-perfect Autotuned vocals to the overly airbrushed album cover—so it's refreshing to meet a singer and songwriter with a sultry voice and raw energy...
Marques Toliver: Land of CanAan
A debut album set in motion by busking from New York to Belgium, many factors play into the soulful joy of Marques Toliver's Land of CanAan. Chance, talent, a voice and a violin have mingled, coalescing into a new sub-genre of rhythm and blues and...
Pearl and the Beard
At the close of a recent show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, Jocelyn Mackenzie of Brooklyn-based band Pearl and the Beard held a screen-printed poster before a stupefied, packed house. Foregoing the disposable medium of CDs or LPs, the band...