Filson Factory Tour
Filson's continued growth is a testament to the lasting power of quality goods, attention to detail and never taking shortcuts. Since 1897, the Seattle-based brand has outfitted explorers and pioneers with equipment and apparel necessary for survival...
Inside Seattle's Jet City Winery
In 2014, Charles Smith won Wine Enthusiast's global winemaker of the year. It was an accolade he thinks fondly on (with more than a note of surprise), but it was telling of the years worth of work invested in his Washington state wines. His latest...
Addition Cocktail Spices
With 25 different savory and spicy flavors, the range of Addition Cocktail Spices opens a new door in the world of mixed drinks. These potent liquids, clocking in at 45% ABV, contain just three ingredients: water, alcohol and the source spice. All...
Inscaping Collection by Silvae
Deborah Roberts, the visionary behind Silvae clothing, is nothing if not poetic. Take for instance her forthcoming S/S '15 collection, called Inscaping. The word "inscape" refers to the "unique inner nature of a person or object as shown in a work...
Custom Single Group Espresso Machine
With a name like Slayer, you know the Single Group Espresso Machine, a compact version of the original, isn't messing around. This is a sophisticated mechanism for better coffee and also a labor of love by its makers, who created a customizable fantasy...
Archival Clothing + Crescent Down Works Vest
Crescent Down Works is no stranger to collaborations, having worked with both the Ace Hotel and NYC's DQM in recent years. However it's their latest collab with Oregon's Archival Clothing that's caught our attention this time around. The Waxed Down...
Yesler American-Made Athletic Apparel
While a large portion of manufacturing for products sold in America is still done overseas, consumers are finding more and more products proudly bearing the "Made in the USA" label. Performance athletic apparel is one category where American manufacturing...
Westland Distillery's American Single Malt Whiskey
If you're looking to venture away from Scotland for a reliable, rich, single malt, you might not think of America's Pacific Northwest as the go-to source. And yet Westland Distillery, housed in Seattle, has produced a truly tasty expression distilled...
Nightcap Decaf
The friendly team behind Seattle's Slate Coffee are dedicated to "the elevation of coffee culture." Their methodical and minimalist approach allows the carefully selected beans to really shine. A bag of their decaf beans let's you enjoy all of the...
Test Drive: 2014 BMW 4 Series
by Davis Adams In light of the launch of its new 4 Series coupe, BMW invited CH to the Pacific Northwest to spend some time with what will surely be its next best-selling sports car. First things first—the name—a question that has become challenging...
Open Book: John Jenkins of DECODE
In the second installment of our series of interviews with small art book publishers leading up to the New York Art Book Fair running from 20-22 September, CH chatted with John Jenkins of Seattle-based DECODE. Jenkins weighs in on the ability of...
The Aviary
by Sam Bovarnick In Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, on an unusually cloudy summer evening, CH visited Ken Mitchell’s creativity shop The Aviary. Stepping into The Aviary is a joyfully discombobulating experience. The shop is maybe 10x10 ft and is...
Ed Roth: "Dolly Was Cloned From A Mammary Gland"
Brooklyn-based artist and designer Ed Roth, the creative mind behind Stencil1, is showcasing his free-hand talents with a gallery exhibition at Seattle's Twilight Gallery and Boutique. Opening 8 August 2013, the series is called "Dolly Was Cloned...
Cool Hunting Video: NW Cannabis Market
During our recent visit to Seattle, WA we stopped by an unusual farmers market, where instead of tomatoes and tangerines, customers can purchase medical cannabis. The NW Cannabis Market, open seven days a week at two locations, hosts a variety of...
Hardmill Rugged Apron
We're quickly nearing peak BBQ season here in NYC, and while we're a bit biased towards our own CH Edition 3x1 Denim Pitmaster Apron, we've taken a shining to those from the newly launched brand Hardmill. Founded by brothers Ryan and Michael Barrie...
Big Leaf Manufacturing
By Sam Bovarnick Roy McMakin opened Big Leaf Manufacturing in 1997 as a workshop for his furniture and architecture firms, but now maintains a level of independence that allows it to take on commissioned projects. Seattle-based Big Leaf has since...
Stand Alone Mirrors at NYC Design Week
The idea of round hanging mirrors with thick leather straps may have blossomed with modernist designer Jacques Adnet’s “Circulaire” mirror—the result of a partnership with Hermés in the 1950s—but over the past two years we’ve seen it bloom even further...
Coal + Otter Wax 5 Panel Hat Collaboration
Yes, it does rain more often than not in the Pacific Northwest, but that doesn't mean you can't get out and enjoy the wilderness. To outfit all-weather adventurers this spring, Seattle-based hat brand Coal teamed up with their Portland neighbors...
Oola Flavored Vodka
Between 50-year-old whiskey and 19th-century curaçao, vodka has a tendency to fall by the wayside in our hunt for sipping spirits, but a recent encounter wtih Oola's flavored vodkas has certainly changed that. Oola, a micro-distillery in the...
Meet Me Here Moving Tote
In re-imagining certain daily ubiquities—from the Have a Nice Day plastic bag to paper lunch sacks—clever designers have come up with delightfully intentional accessories. Whimsy is one thing, however—true sophistication is quite...
For the wine enthusiast looking to get serious about keeping bottles, but lacking the space at home to do so, off-site storage can provide a handy, well-managed solution. Even those with the square footage and disposable income to install a temperature...
Rudy's Williamsburg Outpost
After landing in NYC earlier this summer at the Ace Hotel, Seattle's Rudy's Barbershop today opens their second city location across the East River in Brooklyn. Currently running as a retail pop-up, the enterprising chop shop teamed up with Portland...
Aleksandra Pollner
In explaining how she came to collaborate with design shop Object on a collection of porcelain fortune cookies, Seattle-based designer Aleksandra Pollner points to three tenets: form, past experience and material. Certainly it's form that caught...
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