Compliment Pencil Set
This set of 10 brightly colored pencils—all number two graphite—comes complete with compliments on them, for days when you're feeling insecure, have a case of writers' block or just need a little boost. Emblazoned with phrases like, "Yes You Totally...
Minimal Pencil Pouch
If you're trying to be extra inspired or extra organized, this lovely minimal pencil pouch will surely give you a little motivation—whether you're sketching, taking notes in class or brainstorming in a meeting. Available in blush, gray or emerald...
ArtShack Brooklyn
Encouraging kids to put down their phones and get creative, Brooklyn-based program ArtShack extends elementary learning outside of the classroom. The after-school program, founded by artist and educator McKendree Key and product designer Dany Rose...
DonorsChoose Gift Card
In a genius way of connecting teachers in need of funding for classroom projects and altruistic individuals looking to give rather than receive for the holidays, DonorsChoose lets you give the chance to give. Recipients can redeem the value of their...
The Yamaha Champions Riding School
On a cloudy morning in Millville, New Jersey, a group of men and women—who look like superheroes in full leather suits—gather around instructor Nick Ienatsch. "Clear your mind and have fun," he shouts. Ienatsch—who is the head instructor at The Yamaha...
Black Mountain College
A definitive written account of the fabled experimental institution where Buckminster Fuller created his first dome and Merce Cunningham founded his dance company, as well as countless other artists who defined the 60's avant-garde in America.
In the Detroit suburb of Bloomfield Hills lies the “cradle of American modernism.” Out of all of Cranbrook’s different schools (which start from pre-K), the Academy of Art’s unique graduate program for architecture, art and design is especially renowned...
The School of Artisan Food
The process of making food artisanally can be slow and tedious, but undoubtedly yields more flavor and personality in its products. Often passed down from generation to generation, these by-hand methods bring the baker, butcher and cheese-maker...
Academy of Arts and Design Exhibition 2012
by Adam Štěch Founded in 1885, Prague's Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design is the most progressive art school in the Czech Republic today. Nestled among the ateliers and studios of prominent Czech artists and designers in the center...
Mobile Student Supplies
As design students head to school, they'd be wise to equip themselves with on-the-go supplies that embody the functional beauty of the larger concepts of the field. These five objects take creative scholars or simply those with an eye for good design...
Metaproject 02
While knowledge is commonly attributed to experience, fresh ideas often come from fresh minds. Taking this perspective to heart, veteran designer and educator Josh Owen developed Metaproject, an experimental industrial design course at the Rochester...
Bauhaus: Art as Life
Beginning tomorrow, London's Barbican Art Gallery will kick off a several-month-long Bauhaus-themed exhibit—the UK's largest in four decades—in Bauhaus: Art as Life. The 400-piece show will cover a wide swathe of topics, from art (paintings...
Aston Martin Performance Driving Course
Though I've had the opportunity to test drive several Aston Martins over the last few years, I always left feeling unsatisfied. I wanted to go to fast, to push the car its limits. An occasional burst of speed passing a car on a city highway or suburban...
Media Design School
Advertorial content: Given that technological advancements in digital art are progressing by leaps and bounds, it's almost impossible to produce an excellent portfolio by just playing around on your laptop after work. If you've decided to bite the...
Jaguar R Academy
Now in its third year, the Jaguar R Performance Academy is a one-day driving school designed to train owners of Jaguar's "R" vehicles how to get the most from their powerful cars. We were invited to attend the inaugural launch of the Academy at...