Samsung's Chef Collection
by Kyle Raymond Fitzpatrick It's likely that your kitchen can be a lot more sophisticated than it is right now. Sure, you can buy a fancy blender or smart tableware—but items like that are accessories in the creation of a kitchen. To really...
Samsung's Family Hub
The concept of a smart home requires tiny innovations in unexpected places. Lights that turn on upon verbal request, air conditioning that adjusts remotely—this is the ever-evolving world of the home, in which everything is designed to think a...
Samsung Gear 360 Camera
While unveiling the brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 last month, Samsung announced another exciting product: the Gear 360 camera. An update from their original 360 camera, the intuitive device captures complete 360-degree images and video thanks to a pair...
Samsung's "The Frame" Smart TV and Art Display
Announced at CES this year, The Frame isn't your average Samsung smart TV. At its core, of course, is a flat-screen UHD television, but with its proper unveiling today, the Yves Behar-designed display takes a queue from CH favorite Electric Objects...
Miami Art Week 2016: Theater + Virtual Reality Collide
One can expect many things from Art Basel Miami Beach and Miami Art Week as a whole—there's the frequent opportunity for Anish Kapoor selfies; plenty of Instagrammable, text-based statement pieces (some good, some really not); and unlikely collaborations...
Technological Immersion During New York Fashion Week
Anyone keeping an eye on NYFW by way of hashtags and trending topics saw two reactions to Alexander Wang's collaborative carnival with adidas this past weekend: disappointment over the spectacle the whole week itself has become, versus excitement over...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Samsung Blends National Anthems into One Considering the current world climate—sadly an anti-globalization fear seems to be gaining momentum—Samsung's Olympics commercial is incredibly timely. The advertisement blends a bunch of national anthems...
Milan Design Week 2016: Modern Living
Modern living was a persistent and enjoyable theme at this year's Milan Design Week, both in terms of standards that have been revisited as well as new products designed to reflect our current needs, wants and desires in our homes today. We noticed...
Bottlocase World Cup Editions
On a multi-leg journey to watch the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand in 2011, Dutch entrepreneur James Bluemink found himself in Thailand buying beer from a convenience store. Thirsty for its contents, Bluemink became frustrated after realizing he...
First Look: Samsung NX300 and 45mm 2D/3D Lens
We got a first look at the just-announced Samsung NX300 today, a high-end consumer camera that, when paired with Samsung's new 45mm f1.8 2D/3D lens, becomes the company's first 3D-capable mirrorless "smart" camera. Building on the success of the...
New Small Cameras
Presented last week at Photokina, the following five cameras represent changing ideas about what the pocket cam should be. Sandwiched between cell phones and high end DSLRs, the once ubiquitous point-and-shoot is evolving to incorporate features that...
Samsung Ultra Music Phone
With dual LCD screens, Samsung's new Ultra Music Phone is a novel approach to a multi-function device. Like the iPhone, the Ultra Music Phone (SGH-F300) is a candybar-style handset that addresses the need for different interfaces to execute different...
Samsung Olympic Gold
Olympics sponsor, Samsung, has produced a run of 1000 18k gold mobiles. Auction hunters have seen 6 appear so far and have noted that they're going for prices over US$2000. via mobile9
The Matrix Phone
Adventures in Co-Branding... Buy your own Matrix phone from Samsung and Sprint .