NYC-Made West 32 Soju
by Sun Pak Step into any Korean restaurant on a weekend night and you'll find similar set-ups at every table: a green bottle of soju perched next to plates of sizzling meats (or bubbling stews) and a collection of small vegetable sides. The...
Origami Sake Set
Bre & Co's Origami Sake Set is comprised of 3D-printed ceramic pieces that are hand-finished with a richly saturated, lead-free, dinnerware-safe glaze. The hexagonal shape allows the three cups and bottle—which holds 150 ml of sake—to fit together...
SOTO: An Elegant New Sake
Sake brewing dates beyond recorded history—with its earliest textual mention in the third century. Sudo Honke, Japan's oldest sake brewery, has been operating since it opened in the year 1141. It's one of the oldest businesses in the world that...
Small Sake
For many Westerners, remembering one's favorite brand of sake can be difficult due to linguistic differences. Removing that complication marks one of the core ideas behind Small Sake, a new drink from Hong Kong-based Swede, Pontus Karlsson. Karlsson...
Rau Om
"It's very much like a creamy cheese, a blue cheese or a brie—it just has an incredible mouth feel," says Rau Om's Dang Vu. He's talking about tofu misozuke, a preserved version of tofu that is cured in miso to create a spreadable, long-life...
Moon Bowls
Designed specifically for the opaque liquids of unfiltered sake or Korean rice wine, these new Moon Bowls put a cleverly beautiful spin on sipping your beverage. The cups are designed with a small crescent-shaped shelf inside. Filling the glass...