Topo Designs + Salomon Collection
For most outdoor brands, the chief objective of their products is to heighten the outdoor experience—whether that means keeping you dry in a sudden downpour or making a piece of gear that's so faithful it becomes an adventure companion. Colorado...
Recon Instruments: Jet Smart Glasses
Wearable technology presents no shortage of possibilities, applications, innovations and, of course, challenges. Though Google has put Glass on hold (for now), other more specialized tech-enabled eyewear concepts are becoming very real consumer products...
New Caps from Ciele Athletics
It's never been easier to dress well when working out. The rise of athletic-to-casual crossover clothing (dubbed by some as "athleisure") means comfort, style, function and performance can all come in one garment. Now that Flyknits and fashion sweats...
Underfuse Iron-On Reflective Strips
Whether getting a pre-dawn run in before work or cycling home after a late night out, being on the road in the dark can be especially dangerous to anyone not traveling by car. And, while safety is of utmost importance, people often prefer to look...
UnTapped: Maple Syrup for Athletes
Anyone who has run a marathon, headed into the backcountry or saddled up for a 100-mile day on the bike knows there are some pretty suspect-tasting nutritional options out there. While getting the vitamins and nutrients one needs to maintain performance...
Roots XL Sweatpants
Classic pieces, done exceptionally well, are hard to beat—especially when it comes to sweats. Toronto-based Roots achieves this with their XL Sweatpants, a pair of performance joggers created in collaboration with Polartec and made in Canada. Designed...
Minimalist Sportswear from Outdoor Voices
Striking a balance between technical sportswear and casual apparel, NYC-based Outdoor Voices is rethinking the way we suit up for workouts. The young brand's line of men's and women's athletic apparel is packed with technical, sports-focused features...
Tracksmith's Classically Styled Running Apparel
As active performance wear continues to progress both in technology and forward-thinking design, many designers draw their inspiration from contemporary street style and fashion. Looking to celebrate the rich culture and history of running, New...
Olivers Apparel
Balancing versatility with simplicity, San Francisco-based Olivers Apparel sets out to inject a bit of sophistication in the fit and styling of men's athletic apparel. Their very first offering, the All Over Short combines the athletic capability...
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