Counter Culture Coffee Holiday Blend
During the cold, dark days of winter, coffee becomes even more necessary than usual. While you can find a passable cup of Joe on nearly every corner in NYC, we at CH HQ prefer to brew our own, taking the opportunity to try the latest beans from our...
Parlor Coffee Roastery and Tasting Room
by Stephen Varady If simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, Parlor Coffee’s new roastery and tasting room in the Brooklyn Navy Yard offers one the most refined coffee experiences in New York City. Because Parlor is focused on just one thing...
Word of Mouth: London Coffee Shops
by Anya Lawrence For a city that rarely sleeps, it's no wonder that London's coffee shop scene is booming. Gone with the dominance of generic international chains, the emphasis is no longer just on the convenience of grabbing a freshly brewed cup...
No. Six Depot Coffee
When it comes to roasting coffee, smaller quantities often yield better results; with the roaster able to pay closer attention to the process and variances in beans. For Buenos Aires-born Flavio Lichtenthal, owner of No. Six Depot—a roaster and cafe...
Da Matteo, Sweden
It might be a surprise to hear that Scandinavia consumes more coffee per capita than any other region in the world. On a recent trip to Sweden's second largest city, Gothenburg—a cultural mosaic port city on the country's (relatively) balmy southern...
Seven Outstanding Espresso Blends
While the legitimacy of these abundant "national" holidays that tend to pop up arbitrarily is definitely in question, we couldn't pass up tomorrow's opportunity—National Espresso Day—to pay homage to one of the purest ways to prepare coffee: espresso...
Heart Coffee Subscription
Make sure your coffee-loving loved ones are never lacking in the finest beans with a coffee subscription from Portland's acclaimed Heart Roasters. Opt for weekly or bi-weekly service starting at three months for a pound of some of the finest beans...
International Coffee Day
Skip sleeping in this Saturday and instead head out to your local cafe to celebrate International Coffee Day. Since every day can't be a coffee holiday, we've pulled together a few essentials that will ensure you're always pouring a perfect cup of...
Water Avenue Coffee
Portland has developed quite a name for itself over the years as a hub for coffee innovation. Whether it boils down to exotic beans, an experienced roaster, the espresso machine or the whole package, each boutique that opens up has a fresh spin...
Handsome Coffee Roasters
For the last few months, the corner of 5th and Mateo in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles has been abuzz with activity as the WoodSmithe team puts the finishing touches on Handsome Coffee Roasters' flagship store. Handsome has made a splash...
Stumptown's Colombia Source Trip
As fair trade business practices and sustainability issues become increasingly important in the food industry, it's still easy to forget that there are actual values behind the buzzwords. A new short film from Stumptown coffee roasters gives a face...
Extraordinary Coffee Workshop
As the movement to recognize coffee as a serious foodstuff continues to grow, expert farmers from around the world are sharing production methods as a way of increasing quality and as a chance to experiment with new ways of cultivating beans. Intelligentsia...
Seven Independent Coffee Roasters
Thanks to coffee culture spreading far and wide—from Portland's Stumptown to Chicago's Intelligentsia—the appeal of independent micro-roasters over corporate coffee houses is starting to catch on not just among connoisseurs but mainstream...