Palmeral Towel
House of Hackney's vibrant, vibey Palmeral Towel is made in collaboration with Feiler, and produced in Germany from 100% cotton. With a smoky blue '70s-influenced palm tree motif and a white border, it's just kitsch enough without being gimmicky. Use...
CROZ DIY Digital Camera
Taking photography back to the basics, the CROZ DIY Digital Camera only features two buttons: the on/off also acts as the shutter clicker and then one other switch selects photo effects. The design might sound simple—and it is, in a way. The clear...
Saul Bass: 20 Iconic Film Posters
Saul Bass, best known for transforming the way movies begin, was a designer of incredible versatility and imagination. His stunning concepts led him to work with legendary filmmakers like Martin Scorsese, Otto Preminger and Alfred Hitchcock. This large...
Pool Towel
Summer is almost over in the Northern Hemisphere (but is approaching elsewhere) so whether you're making the most of the final beach and pool days, or prepping for those to come, this Working Girls beach towel is reversible and retro-vibed. Designed...
Neon Indian: Annie
Looking like something recovered from an early '90s VHS, Neon Indian's "Annie" video is delightfully low-res and playful. Directed by Neon Indian (aka Alan Palomo) himself, the video matches the perky track—albeit taking place in a city rather than...
Keith Haring Silk Clutch
This numbered, limited edition clutch from Olympia Le-Tan (best known for her book cover bags) is made meticulously and with high-quality materials—fitting, considering it borrows an American icon's art. The entire, new Keith Haring range from Olympia...
The Surfjack Hotel + Swim Club, Honolulu
It’s not easy to stand out in the sea of hotels crowding Waikiki but, within just a few months of opening, the Surfjack Hotel & Swim Club has made quite a splash. While its distinguished neighbors (like the Royal Hawaiian and the Moana Surfrider) rely...
Macbook Retro
Inspired by the Apple IIe (the third model in the Apple II series), a new Colorware creation pays homage to the tech brand's roots. With all that a new MacBook offers, this model honors Apple's '80s image with a light-up, rainbow-colored logo. The...
Bellissima! The Italian Automotive Renaissance: 1945 to 1975
Even if you're not a gung-ho car enthusiast, the new hardcover tome "Bellissima! The Italian Automotive Renaissance: 1945 to 1975" (published by Skira Rizzoli) is a breathtaking, alluring book. The pages inside are full of the most rare, collectible...
1970s Desk Calendar
London-based Present & Correct, purveyors of new and old office items, have sourced a unique vintage desk calendar from the '70s that's reminiscent of friendly flip clocks. This one can be used year after year (no batteries required, as it's a hand...
Retro Record Washer
Keep your beloved vinyl collection in tip-top condition with this manual washer from Spin-Clean. Offering a compact, made-in-USA unit that's more affordable than its high-tech counterparts, Spin-Clean celebrates 40 years of taking lint, dust and fingerprints...
Rest in Peace, Elio Fiorucci
Yesterday, 20 July, one of the most colorful lights of the international fashion faded away. Elio Fiorucci has, for decades, been a reference for those who consider fashion as a synonym for freedom, color, fun, love. Fiorucci could seek and understand...
The Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper
When Glenn Wills and Christine Bree set out to design the camper of their (pretty realistic) dreams, they didn't realize it might also be the camper of many other people's dreams, too. The Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper is extremely compact and lightweight...
Airline Visual Identity 1945-1975
In his new book, "Airline Visual Identity 1945-1975," Matthias C. Hühne captures the grandeur of travel in an era when passengers dressed up for their journeys. The large-format book features airplanes, world destinations, animals, flags and events...
Test Ride: 2015 Ducati Scrambler
Originally introduced in 1962 exclusively in the United States, the Ducati Scrambler was a 250cc single-cylindar thumper on par with much of the enduro-style bikes coming out of Japan at the time. In 1968, its stateside popularity led to the launch...
Perfetto Pencils
Everything about esteemed graphic designer Louise Fili's Perfetto Pencil set is perfectly retro. Harkening the graphic exuberance of vintage Italian packaging design, the bunch includes 12 double-sided, two-color pencils in red and black.
Bata Tennis Shoe
Generations of Indian school kids have had the shoes comprising their traditional phys-ed uniform co-opted for street style. The Bata Tennis is a classic, 100% cotton kick with green pinstripes around a thick sole with simple white laces.
Cruiser Tea Cart
Functional, beautiful and understated, Ilan Dei Venice's tea cart—with its powder-coated aluminum frame and corian wheels (with Buna-N tred)—rolls anywhere one might need cocktails. And the four colorways—ice, marigold, mint and pacific—are perfect...
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