Cool Hunting Video: Mercedes Motoring
Cruising around with Mercedes Motoring owner J.G. Francis, we learned plenty about preserved Mercedes-Benzes. With a strong passion for the brand, Francis and his team search the country for vintage Mercedes-Benzes from the '60s to '80s, and then...
Watchcase: Reinvention in Sag Harbor
Long Island's Sag Harbor, a quiet Hamptons escape, has long maintained a community that holds history and preservation paramount. For the last seven years, a project has been underway to meet local standards and reinvent one of the village's iconic...
The James Royal Palm Hotel
"Design is always a collaborative process," says Lauren Rottet, the founder of Rottet Studio and head designer of the freshly minted The James Royal Palm Hotel. The subject of a recent $42 million renovation, The James' latest property has tapped...
Raw + Material = Art
Accompanying a growing awareness of the wastefulness underlying the modern global economy, a new approach to art has flourished in recent years, one dealing with the repurposing and utilization of materials discarded or viewed as useless. Written...
The New Classics
The resurgence of handcrafted objects has spread from fashion to electronics to spirits—you can listen to vinyl LPs while wearing reissued Levi's 1947 501s and sipping small-batch local bourbon in almost any city in America—but bespoke...
Red Wing Shoes Repair Service
American made since 1905, Red Wing Shoe Company in Red Wing, Minnesota, has earned a worldwide following for their sturdy, durable boots built to last a lifetime. Not only do they make top notch (and increasingly fashionable) footwear, Red Wing...