Reebok Timetanium
John Maeda, graphic designer, computer scientist, MIT professor and author of Laws of Simplicity, teamed up with Reebok to create the Timetanium Ventilator, a sneaker that's been getting attention lately for how it merges math, technology and...
The Ball-Out Drops
Alife's much-hyped Reebok, a literal tennis shoe, drops this Saturday 11 February at 11am. Available exclusively through Alife's stores in NYC and Vancouver, only 84 of the handmade pairs will be released of this Alife-designed Victory Pump, the first...
Alife Pump Tennis
Alife and Reebok have teamed up to redefine the tennis shoe by hybridizing it with a tennis ball. Their Pump Tennis appears to be coated in actual tennis ball felt (click the image to zoom). I don't think it will add much to your game besides...
Chuck Anderson, 6 Questions
Twenty year-old wunderkind Chuck Anderson only briefly stumbles when asked for his job title. He explains, "If I say I don't like to have one, I sound like I'm trying to be cool," settling for artist-slash-illustrator over designer...
Reebok Pump 2.0
Tonight, 15 years after introducing the Original Pump, Reebok launched the Pump 2.0 running shoe. With a pump mechanism built in to the heel, the foot cradling bladder fills as you begin to run, making this the first-ever automatic custom fit shoe...
Japanese Reebok Swat and Fury
Reebok has released these two Fall flavored beauties in the Japanese market. The Pump Fury (left) is the regular Pump Fury, but in a khaki colorway. The Swat (right) has a velcro closure instead of the regular laced up version. Any minute now, you...
Reebok Classic Pump Bringbacks
Take a deep breath and slip back 15 years; the Reebok Classic Pump Bringback is coming soon. Inspired by the original 1989 Pump, the Bringback will only be available in a limited run of 1989 pairs. These meaty kicks feature the signature basketball...
Reebok Vending Machine
So I had to go see the sneaker vending machine that was all the buzz this week. While the Tokyo comes to NYC concept is great, this particular machine is nothing more than a sandwich dispenser filled with kicks. Situated in a dark corner at the entrance...
Reebok SG1 Medal
Reebok has revamped their old SG1 Medal track and field shoe. In addition to a cool retroish design, these babies are made with fantastic shimmery materials. Available in 3 colorways-- gold, silver and bronze. There are silver ones over at coolestshop...