Interview: Jean-Marc Virard
RIGARDS may be the new kid on the independent eyewear block but there is no ounce of hesitation in the bold statement they're making. Their handcrafted matte horn frames strike a perfect balance between avant-garde and wearable, serving as an antithesis...
Baggu Knapsack
In the many years since Baggu first introduced their eponymous reusable shopping bag, the Brooklynites have continued to iterate and introduce a range of like-minded, simplified bags fit for everything from carrying groceries and laundry to laptops...
Holstee Recycled Wallets
Keeping your cards and cash secure, vegan-friendly Holstee wallets are made from found materials sourced around the streets of Delhi. The slim Holstee wallets are the brainchild of brothers Mike and Dave Radparvar and friend Fabian Pfortmüller...
Skate Study House Furniture Collection: The Waste is The Best
The second offering from the concept furniture line Skate Study House, made 100% of throwaway materials, including excess skateboard cutouts of laminated wood, is an homage to waste. Created by Pierre Andre Senizergues in collaboration with designer...
Simplehuman Grocery Bag Holder
Not all that impressed with the new Simplehuman sensor can, I recently bought the basic, but arguably more functional, wall-mountable grocery bag holder. This sleek, brushed stainless-steel storage unit solved my problems with unruly plastic bags...
Eco-Chic at the London Design Festival
Fast becoming a refreshing fixture among the flashy mega-designs (and matching mega-egos) that tend to dominate design fests, exhibits that feature "friendly" design for society and the environment are often not only the most down-to-earth...
Preserve Tableware
The 39 billion disposable utensils and 29 billion disposable plates used each year in the U.S. create about 950,000 tons of waste—enough to fill more than 132,000 garbage trucks that bumper to bumper would reach Chicago from the...
Jimi iPod nano Case
Jimi, makers of the anti-wallet we previously covered here, have just released their latest creation. The Jimi iPod nano case is a rigid plastic shell that snugly fits around the nano. It's a two piece solution available in six different colors...
Sea Bags
We spied one of these great totes a friend was carrying and he introduced us to Sea Bags, a small company in Maine that recycles sails and makes bags from them. The one-of-a-kind bags come in three sizes and are made by hand in the Portland, ME shop...
Ikea PS 2006
2 1/2 years, 28 designers, 42 pieces: The challenge Ikea set forth-- to produce socially and environmentally responsible products using simple (often reused, recycled, and repurposed) materials. By all accounts the designers succeeded, often brilliantly...
Sonic Fabric
Sonic Fabric is Brooklyn-based artist Alyce Santoro's venture that weaves textiles from recycled audio cassette tapes recorded with sounds she considers sacred. The fabric emits a melange of sound when swiped with the head from a tape player and...
Sporting Green: RECYCL'art
Recycling cell phones is as easy as finding a designated drop box in one of hundreds of Whole Foods stores nationwide, but when it comes to athletic gear, re-use options are much more limited. Until now, worn out cleats and basketballs were either...
Bicicleta Rug
Check out the Bicicleta Rug by Nanimarquina, two Barcelona based designers, Nani Marquina and Ariadna Miquel. The rug is hand loomed from rubber bicycle tubes. With a tag line like, "Recycle yourself. It's never too late," what's...
ICFF Preview: De Makers Van
Jeroen Verhoeven, Judith de Graauw and Joep Verhoeven started Studio De Makers Van after graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven (Netherlands). Their primary intent seems to be taking common materials and re-visualizing them in innovative ways...
Creative Reuse
Eric Quebral deconstructed and reconstructed this Air Max 90 box to explore the vague concept of sneaker as landscape for a recent school project. His topographical model is of a proposed running terrain. Being Earth Day today, I thought this creative...
Escama Pulltab Bags
Escama (Portuguese for fish scales) take pride in creating handmade bags in Brasília, Brazil from recylced materials. They are partnered with two women's coopertives in Brazil (Cia do Lacre and 100 Dimensão) that take care of all aspects...
Freitag Star Tek
Star Tek laptop sleeves. which are specifically designed for the Powerbook and iBook. They come in either fume stained white or yellow. As if having a Mac didn't push you into the 2% realm of the elite, this laptop sleeve will surely secure your...
Stewart+Brown Bags
Waste not, want not... Check out these bags by Stewart+Brown made of surplus material from Patagonia. The one on the right is called Buzz Purse and the one on the left, Treescape Tote.
Green Skate Lab's East Coast Eco Bowl
Green Skate Lab is building and environmentally sound, 3 section bowl in Washington DC. Made entirely from reused materials, the bowl is meant to be the centerpiece of a multi-purpose space that will also feature innovations in art and science...
Freitag Credit Card Wallets
MoCA. But do not fret. I'm sure if you make a few calls (west coast friends?), pay for some shipping, you can get your hands on one of them, one way or another.
Keyboard Jewlery
Someone raided the dumpsters for old broken keyboards and found a good use for them. This custom made keyboard jewelry is made from classic original keyboard and typewriter parts. The designer has made rings, earrings, buttons, and there is even a...
Paper Vase
Hip and Zen is a new shop offering socially responsible, modern products. This handmade and fairly traded paper vase isn't the colorful wonder that recycled magazine vase was, but the geometric shape and warm tone are still quite pleasing.
Ecoist Bags
Ecoist bags. Inspired by her journeys in Mexico and concern for the environment, Ecoist uses candy wrappers, food packages, and soft drink labels that have been discarded by manufacturers. They create a variety of bags that are simultaneously eye...
The Jimi
If you're the kind of person who doesn't like the traditional bill-fold wallet, the Jimi may be for you. Made from recycled and recyclable plastic and available in several bold colors, the Jimi it a simple and sleek holder for a few cards and...
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