QuoTED Fellows 2017
TED Fellows are a collective of global change-makers who tend to be a bit earlier in their journey than the main stage TED speakers. Those who make it through the extensive application process are supported through mentorship, their community of Fellows...
QuoTED 2016
Once again set in Vancouver, TED 2016 was a gift that will keep giving. Beyond the invaluable networking, unique experiences and engaging installations, attendees were treated to a high concentration of inspiring, even life-changing, talks—several...
I Know You Think You Know It All
Everyone knows a good quote can change perceptions, or even just brighten a day. With New York City-based writer Chris Black's collection of "advice and observations for you to stand apart in public and online" plenty never-before-heard quips offer...
QuoTED 2015
In our last five years of attending the conference, TED 2015 might have been the best yet. Now firmly settled in its new Vancouver, BC home, this year’s production was deep, meaningful and overall more simple than in years past. Performances were moving...
The Designer Says
"I just want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares." - Saul Bass Framed as a call-and-response between designers, "The Designer Says: Quotes, Quips, and Words of Wisdom" delivers hundreds of quotable blurbs from the industry's leading...
QuoTED 2013
While in the audience at last week's TED conference we kept the tweeting to a minimum and instead used the old-school pen and paper to capture some of our favorite moments. After reviewing them all, here are the quotations that hit us the hardest...
In his fight for freedom of expression, Ai Weiwei's words are his ammunition. And fortunately, the controversial Chinese artist wields intellectual commentary with the voracity of a machine gun. For those who share his sentiments about the synonymity...