Cool Hunting Video: Thornwillow Press
When upstate in Newburgh, NY recently, we visited Thornwillow Press headquarters. Founder Luke Ives Pontifell (who started the company in 1985 as a labor of love) guided us through his diverse collection of printing processes and presses, as well...
Interview: Gary Taxali
Art and commerce are traditionally thought of as opposing forces. Of course, this is especially true for artists who's work lands on both advertisements and gallery walls. Finding inspiration from commercial work while maintaining a sense of integrity...
Low Tech Print: Contemporary Hand-Made Printing
Printmaking is having a major moment as we continue to embrace analog processes in reaction to the digital world we live in. Curated by Caspar Williamson, "Low-Tech Print: Contemporary Hand-Made Printing" profiles 100 of the technique's most influential...
Semblance 16 Print by Von
London-based illustrator Von is no stranger to Cool Hunting, we've featured his distinctive monochromatic artwork several times in recent years, because it never ceases to impress us. His latest work, a limited edition Intaglio Gravure print, is...
Alex Trochut's Binary Prints
Illustrator, designer and typographer Alex Trochut creates art for some of the world's best-known brands including Coca-Cola, Nike and the New York Times. Working between Barcelona and Brooklyn, Trochut is admired for his ability to take simple...
Interview: Raymond Biesinger
Montreal-based Raymond Biesinger is a self-taught illustrator. His work has featured in publications including the New Yorker, Monocle, the Guardian, Time, GQ, Dwell, the Globe & Mail. With such immense commercial success, we recently caught up...
The Magic of M. C. Escher
"Perhaps all I pursue is astonishment and so I try to awaken only astonishment in my viewers. Sometimes 'beauty' is a nasty business." — M. C. Escher Too often relegated to dorm room walls and Tumblr archives, the work of M. C. Escher deserves...
Edo Pop: The Graphic Impact of Japanese Prints
As the recently appointed director of NYC's Japan Society Gallery, Miwako Tezuka makes a resounding statement about the modern relevance of traditional Edo-era art. While introducing "Edo Pop: The Graphic Impact of Japanese Prints," Dr. Tezuka hones...