A Wilder Life
Since launching in 2011, Wilder Quarterly has been rousing genuine excitement about growing and gardening in people who typically encounter more software bugs than the natural kind. Nearly five years later, the print magazine (now on a bi-annual...
Hayley Elsaesser SS16: Carnival of Curiosity
Canadian designer Hayley Elsaesser knows how to have fun. In past seasons of her eponymous label (there are only a few, as she just graduated in 2012) you can spot Magic 8 Balls wearing cowboy hats, sunglasses "oozing" slime, unisex neon camo overalls...
The World Metro Map
In 1959, Architect Constant Nieuwenhuys created a map called New Babylon which envisioned a global society unbound by geographic borders and travel restrictions. In it, citizens were free to roam through an interconnected network of cities, leading...
Two Zero One Six Calendar
Copenhagen-based designer Kristina Krogh’s beige and gold 2016 calendar bears “Two Zero One Six” in bold lettering, legible from across the room. Up close, the 50 x 70cm print presents the calendar for each month in a muted grey hue with gold-foil...
Record Calendar
Made by Antalya, Turkey-based illustrator Gulsah Suzen, this vinyl-inspired 2016 calendar features the days of each month flowing through the grooves of a record. The print is available in two different sizes and is available on glossy or matte paper...
Scratchable Calendar
This minimal black-and-white calendar from Inkblot is printed on matte black PVC paper, making it possible to mark down important events and reminders with chalk—and easily erase mistakes. Each date has also been printed with white and silver scratchable...
Arthur Buxton’s "Colourstory" Show and App
At the recent Rooms Festival in Bristol, UK, one of the rooms was slightly hidden away from the others. Visitors had to wander down a long corridor and then up a winding staircase to get to the festival’s gallery space, which—unlike most of the...
Holiday Gift Guide 2015: House Proud
Some of the best presents to give your loved ones are things they would never buy for themselves—whether it's non-essential, something seemingly extravagant, useless but pretty or even self-indulgent. And yet, these oftentimes make for the most beautiful...
Drag Yourself To Work Print
The ever-charming work of Brooklyn-based artist Steve "ESPO" Powers will brighten any wall—even if it's an image of walking garbage, like his "Drag Yourself To Work Day" print. This bold, three-color piece is a 12" x 12" screenprint on 334 gram Coventry...
Do Me A Favor Print
British artist and member of street art collective MSK, Gary Stranger's creations are always crisp, clean and engaging. If you're not lucky enough to see one of his masterpieces every day on a wall outdoors, you can now buy one for your own. This...
Donald Judd: Prints
Among the major brand stores and lavish boutiques of Soho, NYC is the quiet, unique oasis and historic gem that is 101 Spring Street. Donald Judd's five-story home and studio has been carefully preserved as a "permanent installation" for the artist...
Summer Screen Prints at Somerset House
London's historic Somerset House—the arts and cultural center at The Strand in London—shows movies in its iconic courtyard each summer. For the third year in a row, it has matched this season’s films with a compelling exhibition of newly created...
Pet People Magazine
The bond between people and their pets is fascinating. Years of nuanced looks, noises and nudges form an unspoken understanding that often transcends many human relationships. Pet People Magazine understands this, and has set out to explore the...
WAX Poster Art Prints
Art posters have traditionally been the kind of thing picked up in museum gift shops, and are often limited to reproductions of famous paintings by Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh or Warhol. Finding quality prints of more contemporary art has always been...
Unimpressed Print
LA-based artist Cheryl Humphreys uses the technique of blind embossing to slightly raise the words "We Are Not Impressed" on paper, resulting in a minimalist print that can be felt as much as it can be seen. It's artwork with attitude.
Unlimited’s Four Play Project
40 artists, illustrators and designers, 40 four-letter words, four different spot colors. That’s the premise that Brighton, UK-based design studio, shop and art gallery Unlimited set for its cheekily named spring project Four Play, which was just...
SHARE: Not Your Average Art Book
Since their launch last year, Scandinavian indie publisher New Heroes & Pioneers have been busy dreaming up not-your-typical art books—and their latest title is certainly one that won't be collecting dust on your coffee table or bookshelf. Staying...
Cycling Climbs: Twenty Art Prints
Since the Tour de France route changes every year, the announcement of where the ride will take the peloton is a highly anticipated event. For riders and fans alike, a tour doesn't quite have the "je ne sais quoi" without a visit to the Alpe d'Huez...
Two Little Hearts Print
Perfect for Valentine's Day—or any day—this poster is hand-screenprinted (using acrylic paint) on 300gsm Montvaal paper. Made in an edition of just 25, the print is a sweet way to really put on display how special you think your partner, brother, cousin...
Nick Barclay's Abstract Movie Posters
Sydney-based art director Nick Barclay branches outside his traditional covers and spreads for international magazines and political campaigns for something a little more playful. In his latest endeavor, the designer has re-imagined classic film...
Rare, Obscure and Framed: Re-Issue Posters
Mass-produced prints add as much to a space as a tiny sprig of parsley atop an entree—sure it adds some color, but it's far from memorable or meaningful. Ditch the cookie-cutter dorm room pop-art prints in favor of something truly unique from Re...
Paper Collective Prints and Posters
Denmark has long had a reputation for good design; the country has created beautiful, functional furniture and homeware for decades. New Danish webshop Paper Collective, founded in 2013, proves that it also has a number of contemporary graphic designers...
The Bar Is Open (Glow-In-The-Dark Print)
Forget neon—Crispin Finn's three-color silkscreen print shines just as bright when the lights are off. The glow-in-the-dark sign serves as a beacon for those who love a little tipple, and each is hand-printed, dated and embossed.
Toast Magazine
Readers won't find restaurant reviews, recipes or overly stylized food porn photos in UK print magazine Toast; the long-form editorial content is neatly focused on personal narratives, artwork, history and other creative celebrations food and drink...
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