Thornwillow Press at the St. Regis
In 1985, Luke Ives Pontifall was your average high school overachiever—the kind of guy whose regular classes weren't enough to keep him busy, so he sought more stimulating after-school activities. Born out of tedium Thornwillow Press is a...
Fall Picks From Those Who’ve Seen It All
Tasking seven online publications (including yours truly) with sourcing new housewares, the New York Times today highlighted 32 new products — from marble soda cans to modern beveled mirrors — and the people who picked them. Props to...
CNN: What's Next: 'Cool Hunting'
We didn't get an actual mention in this story, but they scanned several of our pages in the B-roll. view stream
Fast Company: Cool Runnings
Cool hunters are more than just streetwise fad spotters. Here are three blogs from arbiters of cool that offer insights and inspiration for innovation. BLOG: Cool Hunting WHO WRITES IT: Josh Rubin, a former user-interface designer for Motorola, and...
Cargo: Color Coders
"ColorWare seems to have hit the market at just the right time," says Josh Rubin, creator and editor of the design Web site Cool Hunting (> Now that everyone has a cell phone, laptopp, and iPod, Rubin says, more people...
Outside Magazine: Customization
Whether you're after a one-off design for your new shoes or a pair of jeans, technological advances have made mass customization easier than ever. "Even big manufacturers like Nike are offering products that allow for personal expression...
PR Week: Interview: Josh Rubin
Josh Rubin publishes the website Cool Hunting and provides consulting services that include design strategy, trend research and mobile marketing. He spoke to about consumer-driven media, PR's role in it, and where large companies make...
Boston Globe: Design Blogs
Josh Rubin, the fellow behind, actually does live in New York, which retains its design-capital status even in the blogger age. He agrees with Pikus that a central effect of the design blogosphere has been to organize more information...
Time Out Chicago: Just for Kicks
Josh Rubin, who runs the trend-spotting blog Cool Hunting, was among the first to try it out in Manhattan this past Spring. "I liked the fact that it takes customization away from the computer and in to your hands," he says. "You get...
Feedster Top 500: August
With 3,726 links in, Cool Hunting ranked 66 in this month's Feedster Top 500!
Sunday Times: All aboard for a journey to the wild side
GADGET ORACLE Josh, a designer living in New York, brings you his pick of what’s cool at the intersection of new design, culture and technology. The website is a success because he has a genuinely good and eclectic eye, and it is...
Footwear News: Small World
Cool Hunting sneaker freaks around the globe are taking their latest obsession online-- and discovering they're not alone. "Similar to any other topic, the Internet has helped spread communication more quickly," said Josh Rubin, founding editor of...
New York Times: Blogs 101
Rich Meislin's directory of blogs. view site
Vanity Fair: Where One Design Guru Surfs
Paul Warwick Thompson might not be an Internet junkie—he spends only a few hours a day online—but he knows a well-designed Web site when he sees one. That's because Thompson, 45, is the director of the Smithsonian...
CULTURE Interview With Josh Rubin, Mr. Cool Hunter
Since February 2003 Josh Rubin's Cool Hunting has been a daily update on stuff from the "intersection of design, culture and technology." The readers of tend to be 24 - 35 year old international urban dwelling males with backgrounds...
Yahoo! Picks: Cool Hunting
From designer and strategist Josh Rubin comes this daily dose of "stuff from the intersection of design, culture and technology." Culled from the interests of a 12-member staff, Cool Hunting offers brief postings on items in such categories...
Blogebrity: The Interview: Josh Rubin
This week at Blogebrity: The Interview, we had the privilege of speaking with Josh Rubin, of Coolhunting. His blog has become a regular read for those in the know, not to mention a healthy revenue stream for Josh Rubin, Inc. The full interview is...
Business 2.0: The New Instant Companies
Of course, "going after" bloggers can backfire because they can smell a desperate pitch a mile away. But have no fear: If you have the next hot product, they'll find you. That's what happened at Freebord, a skateboard company founded...
G4TV: Attack of the Show
Episode #5079 There’s a plethora of sites on the web that promise cool things, but there’s only one Run by Josh Rubin with pieces by writer Carol Chung, investigates the places...
CULTURE Tryvertising
Think of TRYVERTISING as a new breed of product placement* in the real world, integrating your goods and services into daily life in a relevant way, so that consumers can make up their minds based on their experience, not your messages. * Mind you...
The Sydney Morning Herald: Clique and Drag
This site is so good I almost kept it to myself. But as it was included in The Guardian’slist of the top 100 most useful sites last December, it’s scarcely a secret. Elegantly laid out, the site displays a keen eye for timeless design...
New York Observer: [ ]
Josh Rubin, the Soho-based designer behind the Web site Josh Rubin: Cool Hunting, said that Pattern Recognition didn’t so much change his behavior or buying habits as it provided a "label" for his madness. Mr. Rubin said he experiences...
The Boston Globe: The Life Athletic
"I haven't been able to get a response from anyone in Marketing or Product Development," emails Josh Rubin, whose "Cool Hunting" website has become a nexus for the petition drive. "But Customer Service assures me they...
Vanity Fair: Daily Dose
Listed as one of the Editors' favorite Arts, Culture and The Zeitgeist sites. view site
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